Cast Your Votes Now For The AppleVis Golden Apples Of 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

We are pleased and excited to announce that voting for the AppleVis Golden Apple Awards of 2014 is now open.

This is our community’s opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous work by developers over the past 12 months in creating great and accessible iOS and OS X applications.

The shortlist for each Award has been compiled from the nominations that were submitted by members of our community.

Voting will close at 23:59 PDT on 24 December 2014. You are not required to vote for each Award category. Only registered users of this site will be able to vote. So, if you are not registered and logged in, you will not see the voting form that follows the list of nominees below. If you're not already a registered user of this site, then this seems like an ideal time to correct that! Simply create an account now, and then head back here to cast your votes.

Here are the nominees for each Award:

Best iOS App:

Best iOS Game:

Best Assistive iOS App:

Best Mac App:

Developer of the Year:

  • Amirali Rajan (creator of A Dark Room & The Ensign)
  • Kid Friendly Software (Creator of Blindfold Racer, Blindfold Sudoku & Blindfold Cryptogram)
  • MIPsoft (Creator of BlindSquare)
  • Saddle, LLC (Creator of Dice World!)
  • Sendero Group, LLC. (Creator of Seeing Eye GPS)
  • Sensotec (Creator of KNFBReader)
  • Somethin' Else (Creator of Audio Defence : Zombie Arena, Papa Sangre II, & more)
  • SoThree, Inc. (Creator of Umano)
  • The IconFactory (Creator of Twitterrific 5 for Twitter)
  • TIconBLU (Creator of AudioSpeed, Inquisitor's Heartbeat, & more)

Cast your votes now!