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iOS and iPadOS Apps Developed Specifically for Blind or Low Vision Users

Here is our list of iOS and iPadOS apps which have been developed specifically for blind or low vision users


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App Recommendations

Whilst browsing the iOS & iPadOS App Directory, we encourage all registered site members to flag the apps that they would recommend to others. These are apps that are not only accessible, but are also very good at what they are designed to do.

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Hall of Fame

The AppleVis iOS & iPadOS App Hall of Fame is where we acknowledge and celebrate the apps that exemplify all that is great about owning an iOS or iPadOS device.

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Additionally, we stage an annual award for the “AppleVis Golden Apples” that seeks to provide an opportunity for blind and low vision users of Apple products to recognize and acknowledge the hard work and dedication which developers have put into making and maintaining great and accessible applications over the given year. You can view the complete list of Golden Apple award winners here.

Reporting inaccessible apps to developers

We encourage you to reach out to app developers if you experience any accessibility issues. Developers are usually responsive to polite and clear requests for accessibility improvements.

For effective communication with app developers regarding accessibility issues, we suggest you provide the following information:

  1. Briefly describe the problem
  2. Indicate the frequency of the issue (e.g. always, sometimes, rarely)
  3. Outline the steps to reproduce the problem
  4. Specify your desired outcome after taking the steps
  5. Explain the actual outcome after taking the steps
  6. Provide information on your device and software
  7. Consider including a screen recording of the issue (if possible) in your email.