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Description of App: 

Having reached top 10 in Education in 79 countries, Voice Dream Reader is the world's most accessible reading tool. With advanced text-to-speech and a
highly configurable screen layout, it can be tailored to suit every reading style from completely auditory to completely visual, plus synchronized combination
of both.

Voice Dream Reader supports reading PDF and Word documents, DRM-free EPUB and DAISY eBooks, Web pages and more. It's directly integrated with Bookshare,
Dropbox, G-Drive, Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, and Gutenberg.

We update Voice Dream Reader regularly with new features: we're committed to making this the last reading app you will buy.

- 36 enhanced VoiceOver voices in all languages are available for free (iOS 7 only)
- 78 premium voices from Acapela, NeoSpeech and Ivona in 20 languages available through in-app purchase
- Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Czech,
Catalan, Polish, Turkish, Greek, and Arabic.

Voice Reading
- Listen to documents like it's music, with play-pause button, gestures or remote control
- Continues reading when you lock the screen
- Change voice and reading speed (50-700 words per minute) on the fly
- Remembers the voice and speech rate used for each document
- Correct pronunciation with your own pronunciation dictionary
- Sleep timer

Visual Reading
- Switch between original layout and text-only view for PDF documents
- Synchronized word and line highlighting
- Improve focus with reduced text area and auto-scrolling
- Customizable font including OpenDyslexia font
- Font size up to 80 points for low vision users
- Adjustable margin, line spacing and character spacing
- 3 fully customizable color themes

Getting Content
- Text extraction from PDF, Plain text, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, RTF, Apple Pages, and HTML files
- Text extraction from DRM-free ePub and DAISY books
- DAISY audiobooks, and audiobooks as zipped MP3 files
- Store and view PDF documents in original layout
- Dropbox and G-Drive
- Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote
- Bookshare and Gutenberg
- Built-in Web Browser to download file and extract text from Web pages
- Import using USB and iTunes from a PC or Mac
- Copy-paste and text editor
- Language translation (in-app purchase)
- Folders for organizing content
- Export full text, highlights, and notes

- Navigation by sentence, paragraph, page, chapter, highlights, bookmarks, 15, 30, and 60 seconds
- Remembers speech and visual location where you stopped
- Bookmarking, text highlighting and note taking
- Full-text search
- Built-in dictionary
- Playlist

Important Notes:
- It is not possible to load DRM-protected books from iBooks, Kindle and Nook.
- Instapaper requires paid subscription for third party access.




Free or Paid: 


Device(s) App Was Tested On: 

iPhone 5/5c/5s

Accessibility Comments: 

This is a very accessible app, and the developers seem truly committed to improving it. Organizing content is somewhat difficult and may require sighted assistance, but downloading and reading content works very well. As of the latest release, 2.7.2, the developer has fixed the issues noted below with regards to the inaccessibility of the text box. It is now possible to read by words, characters and lines through the text with voiceOver.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

The samples for peter (happy) and peter (sad) which previously did not play are now working properly.

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which voices are available as

which voices are available as in app purchases? Any names we might recognise?

Acapela voices

All of the Acapela voices are available as in-app purchases. Read2Go, the official bookshare app, gives access to two of the US english voices, but their are tons more in this app, and they're only 2 dollars compared to the 10 or 20 that most apps charge for downloading those voices. You can preview all the Acapela voices at http://www.acapela-group.com/speech-synthesis-voices.html

Not easy to navigate inside the book.

One thing, which is definitely missing in this app is an ability to easily navigate inside the reading book. I have not find the way to skip back or forward a small amount of text. It is possible to use the slider at the buttom of the App to move by 10 percents of the book, however to skip several minutes, no chance, or at least I did not find the way to do so even after reading the help. Would be wanderful to have buttons to move back or forward for the predefined amount, would be even better to be able to configure those buttons in settings. Or at least to be able to fast forward or rewind while press and hold keys at the buttom of the book page. Will try to contact developer to see, if such changes could be implemented.

predefined bookmarks and search feature

Although a fast forward option would be quite useful, their are actually two ways of navigating through books. First, the search feature lets you search for specific text in the book. Each result is followed by a play button which you can press to instantly move you to the specified location in the book. Furthermore, in formatted books, such as those downloaded from bookshare, their is a button called "bookmarks" when you are inside the book, most easily accessed by touching the play-pause button and 1-finger flicking to the left. There you can access either predefined bookmarks, such as chapters, or user defined custom bookmarks. Hope this helps.

I have just contacted the

I have just contacted the developer of the App, so hopefully they will be able to provide the ability to skip some text inside the reading book. The ability to search and bookmarks are definitely useful features, however I don't think, they will help if you need to skip backward or forward 2 pages, or I just realized, I have missed something at the beginning of last page and would like to come back to re-read it.

I question the legality of bookshare integration

Do any of you know whether bookshare has sanctioned the use of voice dream reader to read out the bookshare books? Given the fact that they have their own app, they may not allow third-party developers access. I don't know.

Other apps out there which read Bookshare content.

There are other apps out there which read bookshare content, such as Indaisy and Daisy Worm. At least, I'm pretty sure these two apps are supposed to be able to read Bookshare content. Maybe they got permission from Bookshare before putting that functionality into their app. I don't know. Thanks, Shersey

Version 2.7.0

(taken from the ITunes app store) What's New in Version 2.7.0 - Availability of new voices from NeoSpeech: Paul and Julie. - New voices from Acapela: Will, Micah, and Raul. - Localization for French, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese, and Russian. (Big thanks to volunteers who did this!) - Add bookmark button. - 30-second rewind and fast forward buttons. - Go-to-percent button next to the slider when VoiceOver is on. - Export full text. - Export highlighted text. - Share what you're listening to via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and email (iOS 6 only) - Open in Safari for items that originated from Web pages. - Bookmarks for the built-in Web Browser. - Increased maximum font size. - Marking multiple articles "Unread" in edit mode. - Option for Pocket full synch: Archived or deleted articles in Pocket will be deleted in Voice Dream. - Bluetooth headset and speaker controls for play and pause are enabled. - Voice download now possible over mobile data network (3G/4G). - Focused Reading Mode now available on iPhone and iPod touch. Pinch the text area to activate. - Disabled idle timer when the Reader is open so the screen won't auto-lock. - Minor improvements for use with VoiceOver. - Advanced Setting: You can now turn off going to full-screen automatically. - Advanced Setting: You can disable rewind button from ever changing the reading location. This is now the default behavior. - Advanced Setting: You can assign rewind and fast forward button on the remote control to the 30 second rewind and fast forward. - Fixed: Deleted articles not removed from the home screen when offline. - Fixed: Occasionally losing the reading location. - Fixed: Some articles from Pocket causing the app to crash. - Fixed: Sleep timer activation invoking Play-Pause button first. ...

worth picking up

Is this app worth picking up?

It's free to try, so go for it

The app is free to try, so download it and give it a whirl. I did, and even hooked my Bookshare account up and grabbed a few books. My personal problem with the app is that I really hate A Capella voices, but if the dev offered other solutions, even free ones like ESpeak (yeah, I know most people hate it) I'd probably buy it. There is no daisy navigation, so that's something to keep in mind; the app is an article/book reader, not a daisy reader at present. Still, as I said, you can try it out to see if you like it, then buy the full version if you want to. The trial has full functionality, but it stops reading after a couple sentences, so you have to keep hitting play to read more.

I just bought the app a few

I just bought the app a few hours ago, I cannot get the Peter happy, Peter sad, and will voices to play the demos. So I don't know whether I would want to download them. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hi Sean

Hey Sean my peter voices played. I didn't buy them, but the preview did work. I really like this app, but one feature I liked was broken this update the sleep timer. It now looks like the timer in tune in where I can see strt or cancil but no flicker itum. In the older app it worked which was pretty sweet. Now however I have the Paul voice, so I guess its a trade off.

Same problem with preview

I have the same problem with the preview not playing for those voices. The two additional Peter voices have never previewed since I bought the app several weeks ago. Strange that they work for others. Possibly it's a geographical problem, and might depend upon your location. I don't like the Peter voice anyway, and I'm guessing that having him happy or sad wouldn't alter that.

Voice Dream Reader--Inapp purchases

I have purchased several voices for the app but do not have VIFI and hence want to download them on PC using Itunes. Can I? How? Please do help. Ketan

Not all there yet, but still worthwhile

Here is a really beautiful reader that is not fully accessible, Contrary to what is stated above. Most specifically, as is stated in their own help document, there is no VoiceOver access yet to the text screen which is what will be needed to be able to fine tune reading to the sentence and paragraph level, look up words, copy text, etc. They state that this will be available in the future and I look forward to it. I would appreciate it if the person who contacted the developers would share how they did so, as I am not easily finding that information. It connects beautifully with Bookshare once you enable that feature with your Bookshare ID. You don't get Bookshare descriptions of books as you do in Read2Go, but you can use Safari for that and I don't think that's what we need the app for. What we get in this app is the ability to read books using other voices besides the iPhone voices and the heather voice in Read2Go. The default voice in Voice Dream Reader is also Heather. To my ear, their implementation of Heather is more fluid than in read2Go. What we also get is the ability to read other documents and articles with these voices. Of particular value, is the ability to read books and documents in other languages using these more human sounding voices. I personally prefer less human voices in English, my first language, but if I want to read in Spanish, where I do have some skill, I struggle with any of the iphone voices. Even with the current lack of control we have using this app, I think its worth the price. For those who got stuck in trying out the Peter voices, download the lite version of the app. There are no demoas but if you tap on the option to try them, which is free in that version, they will download and work. One thing missing, however, is the option to really try out their more expensive voices, Paul and Julie, which are not in the lite version. Since the voices really sound different at the speed I prefer I can't really tell if I like them enough to actually use them if purchased.


I can do a podcast demoing voices and such if it would be helpful. I have Paul anyway, so at least you could hear it.

Paul and Julie

hello, Thank you for the tip about the voices which demos won't play. That was very helpful! The Paul and Julie voices are actually available as free apps for the iphone which you can paste or type text into and have it read to you. You can also change the speed to something pretty close to the voice Dream speeds and quality as well, so that should be able to give you a pretty good idea whether you would like those voices. Here is a direct link to the Paul voice. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/neopaul/id334254353?mt=8 The same company also has the Julie voice and another one called Kate. Hope this helps!

Upcomming feature

Hello, According to the developper who is really interested in accessibility,we will be able to use the text box in the upcomming version. Apparently, the rotor will be usable to read the text by word, phrase etc. I encourage all of you to give this app a positive review on the app store. For French speaking users, I've made a podcast in French to demonstrate the app. Enjoy

Voice Dream Crashes

Hi, Voice Dream crashes everytime I open it now. I have restarted the phone. I didn't want to uninstall it as I think I would lose all the books I downloaded from BookShare. If anyone can ease my mind about this, I would be very grateful. thanks a lot in advance.

Voice dream crashes

Hi, You should really contact the author if you have a problem. Here, I have no problem with Voice dream. But the developper is really willing to help. Unfortunately, in my opinion, your best choice for the time being is to uinstall and reinstall the app. I'm quite sure that the author will tell you the same thing. I don't use Bookshare, it may be a problem with its implementation in VDR. Good luck Sof

Now even more accessible in 2.7.2

Great news for VoiceOver users in the latest update - we can now access the text box!

What's New in Version 2.7.2

  • Text box is accessible with VoiceOver
  • Page number support for Bookshare books and PDF
  • Loading files via iTunes
  • Experimental Evernote integration
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor usability enhancements

New problem

yes this is all true but now it seems I can't use the other voices for reading, just VoiceOver. Has anyone found differently?

press play

In fact, you can read using VoiceOver only when TTS playback is stopped. Just try to use the rotor to select a word and then press play. The TTS will start reading from that point. HTH, Sof

the real answer

Well, I figured it out. And, it's not true, you can use voiceover to read. At the home screen choose voice settings. It talks about starred voices being the preferred voices. If nothing is starred, when you press play, it will read with voiceover. However, voiceover is not reading the stars. I just have the Heather voice in my paid version, so double tapping it apparently starred it and I now can read with her. Double tapping her again turns the star off and I can read with voiceover. It is not an option in the settings you get to while playing a book. I'm sure they didn't think about this. I'm going to suggest they make it an option there also.

I was half wrong

OK. I was wrong. Now I can't go back to reading with voiceover. Well, I will suggest they add that option as it has its uses. and is clearly possible.

It's really strange since VO

It's really strange since VO has no TTs seen by this ap. A bug? Personally, If I want to read with VoiceOver, I would use iBooks it does a better job especially when you have to deal with navigation within the book. The purpose of VDR is to read using a far better voice IMHO

Listening with VO Voice

I'm the developer of Voice Dream Reader. As of the last release, I've made the content of the text box on the screen visible to VoiceOver. VO will read the line of text that you tap on, and you can use Word and Character options on the Rotor. But in addition to that, when you double tap on the text box away from line you just tapped, VoiceOver will read the content of the entire text box. I must admit that I didn't develop for this behavior on purpose, but the accessibility feature of iOS is not well documented for developers, so making something work with VO is an exercise of trial and error. It happened inadvertently. I'll continue to improve VO support through trial and error. It'll get better and better, but it may not a straight path. My next goal is to make word definition, highlighting and note taking work with VO, which promises to be even more challenging, because even Apple's own iBooks doesn't let you do that with VO on. Winston.

VO Reading

Hello. Absolutely love the app. Thank you for developing it, and for being so open to improving it. Following the instructions listed above, however, voiceOver only read a few sentences-- something like maybe half a page, rather than reading continuously. Is this the correct behavior, or was I doing something wrong? Thanks, Tangela

That seems to be the

That seems to be the behavior. It's actually reading all the text visible in the text box until you tap something else. I'm not sure if it is possible to use the VO voice to read continuously and auto scroll to the next page - I don't have much control over the VO voice. Then there is the question whether you actually want to use the default VO voice rather than the voices available in voice dream. Your opinion?

In most apps, flicking down

In most apps, flicking down with 2 fingers activates a read continuously mode with voiceOver, however this does not work with Voice dream. Personally, I would like the ability to switch between the VO voice and acapela voices, as for certain material I prefer VO and for others the tts. However, given the size of both applications, I would prefer not to have to keep both voiceDream and the read2go native bookshare app on the phone to get bookshare materials.

Hi,In my opinion, the way

Hi, In my opinion, the way the text box is actually usable is enough since Voice Dream's purpose is to read using Acapela's voices which are definetely far better than the VO's built-in voices. Actually, Voice Dream only displays the text currently being read by the TTS and it's suffiscient to have a misunderstood word spelled. Apparently, it has already been a pain to get this text box accessible. Personnally, if I'd like to read a book using VoiceOver, I just take iBooks or another one since there are many which do the job very well. I think that making the text box more accessible is not a priority and we should concentrate on more useful features. Again, it's only my opinion. :)

I was wondering if it would

I was wondering if it would be possible to change the default behavior when adding books to a folder. Currently, when you add books to a folder, the books remain in the home screen, but are also available in the folder. It would be nice to move files to the folders so that the folders show up on the home screen instead of the large list of books. Even better would be folders within folders, so that you could organize the books by say, author, and then within each author have the folders for their particular series. This would be very similar to the kindle collections feature.

Version 2.7.3 released

Yet more improvements for VoiceOver and BookShare users:

 What's New in Version 2.7.3

  • Annotation: adding your own notes to text
  • Exported highlight text now contains notes, chapter names and page number where possible
  • Text highlighting is now flexible using movable pins
  • Loading DAISY files in .zip format from Dropbox, iTunes, or even directly in Safari.
  • File name search for Dropbox
  • Tap on Bookshare book to see full description
  • Bookshare download history
  • Faster text extraction of Bookshare books
  • Bookshare periodicals now has an index, and most recent periodicals on top
  • With VoiceOver, the text slider now moves at 5% at a time
  • With VoiceOver, play, pause and 30 sec rewind and fast forward buttons stay quiet after tapping
  • Quick sleep timer for 15, 30, 45, and 60-minutes
  • Catalan localization


New voices Bridget and Kate from NeoSpeech are now available! Plus Google Drive support! Voice Dream Reader is updated every month with great new features, and you always get them for free. Please spread the word and tell your friends and colleagues. We will continue making Voice Dream Reader even better. Also in this release: - Increased maximum font size on iPad to 70 - Select All in iTunes import - Swedish voice Mia is fixed Join our community on Facebook and Twitter to find out what's coming! The links are in Settings


When updating this app, the voice Brigit seems to work fine, however the Kate voice shows up as unavailable for some reason. I can play the sample, but for some reason can not purchase the voice. Has anyone else had this difficulty, or know why this might be? Thanks, Tangela


Kate should be available for sale now. If it is still not available, terminate the app (Delete it in the task tray at the bottom), and start it again. Winston.

Hello and thank you for your

Hello and thank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately, quitting and relaunching the app did not change anything. I am using an iphone 5 with the latest IOS.

working now

Whatever the issue was, it seems to have been resolved now. Thank you for all your work.

linking app with bookshare

Hello, I am getting an error when trying to link the app to my bookshare account. The error says "login failed, bad url." I am entering the correct login information for bookshare. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Kellie

Text selection

I am having difficulty selecting text in the text box for the purpose of bookmarking as well as for looking up specific words in the accompanying dictionary. I have gone through a podcast on the subject but it has not helped in illucidating the matter. Would someone be able to post instructions on how to accomplish this feat? It would be much appreciated.

Pronunciation dictionary

Hello. Is anyone else having problems with the pronunciation dictionary? It seems to work; however, I find that if I enter a word, then enter how I want it pronounced, if I go and hit the button to play how it will sound, it causes the app to crash. Anyone else? Thanks.

What Word?

Can you tell me what voice you're using, and what word you tried to play? I know there is a problem with skipping words: if you need to skip anything, use "Any Text" instead. Apple has the fix and should be out any day. Winston.

Issue Solve

There was a space in the user id.

Okay. I have no idea what

Okay. I have no idea what you're talking about so I'll take your word for it. Thanks for responding. BTW, the voice I was using was Neospeech Paul, and I tried several different words. After the program exited, I would just go back in and enter the words in the pronunciation dictionary and save the entries without listening to the word, and that seemed to work just fine. Keep up with this amazing app!

Version 2.8.0

Lots of new features in this release. What's New in Version 2.8.0 This is a major release, with a powerful pronunciation dictionary and advanced text navigation. Powerful New Controls for Speech - Personal pronunciation dictionary. Change how a word is pronounced or skip any text - Adjust default speech rate, pitch and volume for each voice - Save speech rate for each article or book Flexible Text Navigation - Set rewind and fast forward navigation unit to sentence, paragraph, page, chapter, highlights, bookmarks, 15, 30, and 60 seconds - Option to scroll page by page for visual reading - Footer to indicate page, percentage, chapter, and navigation unit New Voices - Chinese and Japanese voices from NeoSpeech Other UI Improvements

When setting the rewind or

When setting the rewind or fast-forward setting to anything but the 15 second, 30 seconds, or 62nd settings, nothing else seems to work. I cannot seem to move backward or forward by sentence, paragraph, page, and all the others. If this could be fixed, I and many others would really appreciate it! Thank you so much!


Sean, can you please send me an email with the document where this is happening? This is the first time I've heard of this issue. Others, please email me at support@voicedream.com if you run into any issues. I'm pretty good with getting back to you quickly. This forum is less than ideal for technical support. Winston.

two questions

I am thinking about getting this, but I have two questions. First, does the two-finger double tap gesture pause and resume speech from all locations, as it does for the music or downcast apps? I saw this in the update history but cannot verify it with the lite version. Second, is there any price difference between the neospeech or acapela voices? I need a Chinese voice and am trying to decide between Lulu and Liang.

Yes and Yes

Yes, the two-finger double tap works from anywhere, and the play/pause button on a compatible headset works as well. Of course, VDR has to be in the App Switcher and active - I once had to open the app and hit play manually, but it worked from then on. Yes, the voices are a dollar different in most cases, as far as I know anyway. The most expensive I've seen is $3, though I have not looked at the Chinese voices. Personally, I'm putting up with Heather until that glorious day when Ivona voices arrive, but no one knows how long that will be.


The voices are $1.99 for the Acapela voices and $2.99 for the Neospeech voices. Personally, I recommend the Neispeech. It's a dollar more. But I think they are better overall, and especially add in the fact that you can now use the pronunciation editor, and I think you've got a deal. Of course, I can only speak for the English voices.

Update from the developer

The developer of Voice Dream Reader has posted the following warning on their Facebook page:

Bad news, good news and great news!
Bad news: current version of Voice Dream Reader does not work on iOS 7. Apple dropped a few things that will break many apps.
Good news: I just submitted a new release to Apple that will support iOS 7. Hopefully it'll be out in 1 week.
Great news: The new release will make all 36 iOS 7 built-in VoiceOver voices available in Voice Dream Reader, for free. By the way, in iOS 7, you can "enhance" any VoiceOver voice. The quality is much better.
But please, do not upgrade to iOS 7 until after you download next release, 2.8.3!

What's new in version 2.8.3

What's new in v. 2.3.8 Sep 16, 2013, - iOS 7 support. - All VoiceOver voices in all languages, including enhanced voice, are available for free. IOS 7 only.

Not the new Siri voices

Just to clarify, Voiceover does *not* use Siri's new voices in iOS7. So, VDR cannot access them either, it can only use the usual HQ voices that have been around for a few years. When I read the changelog a few days ago, I got all excited, thinking we could read with the new Siri voice, but that is not the case. I'm not blaming the developer, I'm just clarifying things so others are not surprised. I guess I'm back to waiting on Ivona voices to arrive...

built-in voices

I don't know how to get the built-in voices to show up. If there is a setting I have to enable, it's very well hidden. When I click the "voice settings" button, only Heather is in there for English and Spanish and Chinese are not in the language list. How do I enable this?

Enabling built-in voices in iOS7

To enable the built-in iOS7 voices, just go to settings, the Voice Store (NOT Manage My Voices). There are tabs along the bottom; double tap iOS Built In and you should find all the voices.

Does this mean that with

Does this mean that with these built in voices they can be used across the whole OS? Just not restrictive to the app itself. Please if I'm wrong, someone correct me. Thanks Daniel

Yes, sort of

The HQ voices can be used by Voiceover, of course. Apps can also use them, as of iOS7, but any app wishing to do so must build that support in, it will not be automatically enabled by iOS.

Version 2.9.0 released

I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but it sounds pretty neat. What's New in Version 2.9.0 This major release significantly improves usability for VoiceOver users: - Incredibly easy-to-use text selection mechanism. Copy to clipboard, lookup words in the dictionary, highlight, and add your own notes. - Extensive use of new and innovative "swipe-enabled" buttons for VoiceOver users. Swipe the Voice Settings button to change the speed rate. Rewind and Fast Forward are built into the Play-Pause button as up and down swipes. - The text slider that moves the speech cursor by 5% has been modified so that swiping up moves toward the beginning of the text. The directions have been reversed from previous releases so that it now behaves the same way as the other swipe-enabled controls. For iOS 7, you can double tap the slider to enter a percent value. Plus delicious goodies for everyone: - Experimental support for MP3 audio books. Yes, it remembers where you leave off just like text. And you make add bookmarks. - Pronunciation dictionary import and export. View the entire pronunciation dictionary in an editable text window, allowing editing, copying, and pasting, plus exporting to another app like Dropbox and share it with others via email. - Launching Voice Dream Reader from Mobile Safari. Create a bookmark with the following URL. Next time you select this bookmark, it'll open the current web page in Voice Dream Reader: javascript:window.location="com.voicedream.reader://open?url="+window.location - Change speech rate on the fly with two-finger up or down swipes. (Not for VoiceOver users). - Fixed several problems with using iOS 7 built-in voices. - A lot of the minor improvements and bug fixes. Thanks for spreading the word on Voice Dream Reader so that we can continue to develop new features and release them to you for free.

Version 2.9.2 released

Yet more shiny new features for us all to enjoy:
What's New in Version 2.9.2
  • Support for DAISY 2.02 audiobooks.
  • Support for audiobooks as zipped MP3 files. (1)
  • Support for large library of books. (2)
  • Improved PDF text extraction with better detection of spaces.
  • Fixed problem with using remote control with iOS 7 voices.
  1. Zipped MP3s create a single book item in Voice Dream. The name of the ZIP file becomes the title, and each MP3 file becomes a chapter with the name of the file as chapter name. Please make sure the MP3 file names are sorted in the same order as it appears in the book.
  2. Many people use Voice Dream as their library with thousands of books, resulting very large databases. This release changes how the content is stored so that future database updates will be smooth and trouble-free.

question about comment 17

Hi. In comment 17 there is a link to a voice. Is that a standalone voice, or is it a voice to use with voice dream reader? Thank you.

reply to comment 27

Hi. You said the accessibility features of iOS are not well documented. Try this link: www.applevis.com/information-app-developers

Hi all, just to say I asked

Hi all, just to say I asked Winston about adding ivona voices to voice dream reader, and he said that ivona wouldn't talk to him about adding them to his app, and that he thought that ivona weren't supporting adding voices to ios apps. I contacted ivona and found out that they are still definitely supporting ios as they replied to me in a few minutes and even sent me information about there sdk. I told Winston over twitter that ivona were still supporting ios, just thought people might want to know so if they feel like it they could drop Winston a polite email or twitter message so he knows there is still demand for more voices in voice dream reader. Ivona can be a bit hit and miss about replying to messages, so I think he just needs to try to contact them again. I contacted them using there business contact form, I also offered to send him the information ivona sent to me.

That's good. I think you

That's good. I think you should just forward the info ivona sent to you to the app dev nd see where that ties you. good luck. and let us know as ivona would be cool, I just hope they don't charge $100 or even $20 as that's a bit tight for me. $2 or $3 would be fair.

Ivona Voices

I appreciate your help on Ivona. Rest assured that I've done all I can. I spent almost 6 months working with them on a contract. Finally with a contract acceptable to their legal team, they stopped responding to my emails. Regardless of what's said on their website or that you got a robo response, Clearly someone high up there is for practical purposes stopping iOS support. Remember they're owned by Amazon now and is a competitive advantage for Kindle.

Aah, I see, that is a real

Aah, I see, that is a real shame, I guess perhaps ivona still support ios directly but don't support apps that would be a direct competitor to kindle. As you say the fact they stop replying after 6 months does suggest that someone high up decided they didn't want ivona in the app.

What a shame. When did ivona

What a shame. When did ivona get bought by amazon? and that is a shame as amazon loves to brake things in terms of accessibility. Just my not so humble opinion and thoughts. Tc and be blessed.

ivona voices

I would like to second alex on what a shame it is that they haven't replyed,but as for IOS support a app called capti narrator has ivona voices so a ios sdk does exists or at least they are willing to support some apps. Voice dream reader is awesome,I am sure you already know, but the only reason I at least haven't bought this app are the voices. I guess its a matter of preference but I just can't stand the voiceover voices and the akapela ones when it comes to reading books,and since this app is for reading books and such... Anyway,enough of my rambleings,alas for ivona or this would've been a perfect app for me. falcon wings

didn't I read some ware in

didn't I read some ware in this thread that they also have the neo speech voices. I also like those as well. Good luck and be blessed.

I only bought the app because

I only bought the app because it was suggested that ivona was coming to it. I actually don't use the app at all because of the lack of ivona voices, I just don't like any of the other options for reading text with it which is a shame. I guess it looks like I will have to stick to converting my books electronically to mp3 read by ivona. It just seems a shame that this is the situation we find ourselves in, I wonder if ivona got enough emails from app users if that might make them reconsider, just seems a shame to give up given that a deal had practically been worked out, I know that the company is now owned by amazon etc, but actually I don't see voice dream reader as being a direct threat to the kindle as unless you remove drm from amazon purchased kindle books they can't be read in the app anyway and have to be read with amazons official kindle app or on a kindle device, also of course its not like voices would be being given away for free, capti narrator charges £3.99 for its ivona voices I would be happy to pay a bit more than that for ivona voices if that's what it took to have them in voice dream reader.

Actually the kindle e reader

Actually the kindle e reader can read more then kindle books, but pdfs and other formats including I believe text files so it would be like a competitor and amazon apparently would not like this which makes sense from a business stand point. take care and I don't think emails would help as 6 months ago they decided not support that many iOS devices. Tc.

James from NeoSpeech

I've just updated this app, and one of the new features is the James voice from NeoSpeech. I'm really liking this voice; previously, I'd been using Heather from Acapela, just because I loved Voice Dream and Heather seemed like the best option. But with the James voice, I'm completely comfortable with the app now.

MM I like James as a voice,

MM I like James as a voice, the sample in voice dream reader sounds nice and smooth, I found allot of the other neo speech voices sounded pretty bad, but I may have to buy James just to see what he's like reding books. I still like my ivona voices, but James does sound quite good, though I have a feeling I might find the strong American accent a little annoying after a while. I have been hunting for a windows demo of the James voice that I could try on my computer, but can't find one, the neo speech site really doesn't seem to make it easy to buy windows voices, anyone know where I can get trial versions of there voices?

Version 2.9.3

What's New in Version 2.9.3

- New voice: James from NeoSpeech. It's now our favorite US male voice.
- Collapse or expand DAISY hierarchies by selecting a level.
- Support for encrypted DAISY audiobooks. In the previous version, the chapters were ordered incorrectly.
- Fixed: Edited text is now immediately visible.
- Fixed: Pausing issues with iOS 7 built-in voices. Please upgrade to iOS 7.0.4.
- Fixed: Problems handling audio interruptions.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.


Version 2.9.4

What's New in Version 2.9.4 Happy New Year from Voice Dream! We're working hard on some awesome new features. Please join us on Twitter, Facebook, or just send us an email to stay informed. This release contains minor enhancements and bug fixes: - Enabled social media sharing options for audiobooks. - Voice download is more reliable. - Fixed: iOS voices couldn't be paused using remote control. - Fixed: iOS built-in voices couldn't be set as preferred voices. - Fixed: After stopping at the end of document, Play-Pause button remained as Pause. - Fixed: Saving dictionary entries in text mode removed entries in other languages. - Fixed: Incomplete In-App purchases could result in crashing.

Same here

I have the same problem how did you solve this issue?

Hi, just a heads up, it has

Hi, just a heads up, it has been announced that 4 Ivona voices will be available in the next version, Salli, Joey, Amy, and Brian. Hopefully we will get a full set eventually.

That's good news!

That's very good news, as I had been led to believe that Voice Dream Reader was unlikely to get Ivona voices. I have both Amy and Brian on my PC, and I enjoy listening to both of them read text, so it'll be good to have them in a future version of Voice Dream Reader as well. Plus here's hoping that non-English Ivona voices will also make it to Voice Dream Reader eventually!

Version 3.0 is Here!

Version 3.0 of this app just came out. It offers full support for all Daisy versions, improved PDF rendering, braille display fixes, easier text selection, and more. One of the biggest new features is the four Ivona voices, two American and two British, now offered for $4.99 each - Sally, Joey, Brian, and Amy. It is a free update, so go get it, and happy reading!

wow! Tha'ts cool they final

wow! Tha'ts cool they final added the ivona voices. I love those voices very much! As of now I don't need the app, but at least it is in my wish list should I need it later in my college career.

Ivona voices!

I'm so excited to now have Salli as my primary voice for this app. Thank you to the developer for all his hard work and dedication!

Sally and Tracy

Sally and Tracy are my favorite voices, but I can't say enough how glad I am that we have so many options! Huge thanks to the developer for creating such an amazing app with so many useful features!

A problem with Ivona

I was reading a file the other day with Ivona Brian, and noticed that large amounts of text were being skipped. Has anyone else noticed this problem? It does not seem to happen with the other voices I use, aka Neospeech James as an example.

Have you tried this with

Have you tried this with several file formats of large size that voice dream reader supports to see if the bug still occurs with the ivona voice you use? I don't use the app but just trying to help here.

Take care.

Since the release, I found

Since the release, I found some issues with the Ivona voices when it encounter abnormal characters. After that, the highlight becomes off from the sound. Some of these characters are visible, like "à", sometimes it's not. I caught a bunch of them before release and now I'm finding more. These will be fixed in a future update. I also found that very old devices speaking at high speed could lead to skipping, but that has not been consistent. If you encounter skipping and can reliably reproduce where it starts to skip, please email me with the document and the location at support@voicedream.com

Hi Winston, I sent you a

Hi Winston, I sent you a support email a few days ago but haven't heard from you, so posting my question hear in hopes of a response. My question is is there a folder I can copy and paste files to within the Voice dream reader app which will then automatically detect them and add them to the library? I don't like using iTunes to sync files to my iPhone and I also don't like using dropbox. I have a program called phone disk which will allow me to access the voice dream reader app folder on my iPhone so I can access the documents folder and several other folders as well. This program doesn't need a jailbreak and simply mounts the Voice dream reader folder as if it were a drive on my computer, so with it I can copy and paste files to various directories without having to use iTunes. I have tried doing this with several folders in the Voice dream reader app but the app hasn't detected files when I manually copy and paste them into different locations. If this is currently not a feature, would you please consider adding it as I hate iTunes and want to use it as little as possible for transferring files to apps.

Voice Dream does not

Voice Dream does not automatically detect files you added. But you can add files to the main documents folder using whatever tool you like, and then go to Add - iTunes to add the files.

Oh that's great, thanks for

Oh that's great, thanks for clearing that up. I avoid all apps that force me to use iTunes to sync files, very happy now. I have noticed that Voice downloads are very unstable, I am on an OK internet connection about 4 mbps, but whenever I download a voice I get errors at least two or three times during a download then I have to fiddle around with restarting the app until I can get the download button to work again then downloads usually resume, its definitely not an issue with my internet connection. I do have a question regarding importing of files, can I copy hole directory structures to the documents folder? or must all files simply be placed in the root of the documents folder? I have all my books neatly organised into folders so it would be quite simple for me to just copy a folder with lots of other folders inside it into documents. As an experiment I just tried adding an epub file to voice dream, I put it in documents then used the iTunes option, my file was detected so I pressed the load option. Voice dream then exited and restarted, and at that point everything that came bundled with the app had vanished and my book wasn't listed either. I tried tapping the refresh button and tried using the search option but neither helped, and when I tapped all items no results were returned, so I am assuming some sort of corruption has taken place?

With very large files, even

With very large files, even occasional issues with your internet connection can be a problem. So yes, it is with your connection, because I'm not doing anything special: I use Amazon's tools to download from Amazon S3 which hosts the voice files. You must copy individual files to the documents folder. But you can do a mass import in Voice Dream. I'm guessing that your crash has to do with a known bug for importing into a user folder rather than All Items. Use All Items for import for now. This bug will be fixed in an update coming out this weekend. Unless you believe your question is relevant to the many other people on Apple Vis, please write me at support@voicedream.com. Bare with me. I get a lot of emails everyday. I try to answer every email but occasionally one slips. And I'm sure you would prefer me to spend more time to make the app better.

Version 3.0.1

What's New in Version 3.0.1

- Fixed: Loading files directly into a folder
- Fixed: App exits running the first time after update
- Fixed: iOS voice responsiveness


Voice responsiveness

Does that mean it is going to fix the issues with the Ivona voices skipping text? I, for one, haven't noticed any problems with the iOS responsiveness other than the Ivona voices, and that doesn't seem iOS related to me. Just curious.

The occasional skipping of

The occasional skipping of Ivona voices will be fixed in the next release. Coming in about 1 week.

Voice Dream Read just gets better and better...

This app is amazing and makes reading a real pleasure. I use it every day and with the new voices it just gets better and better. I have an iPhone 5s but a friend has the 4S. Will the new Ivona voices work okay on her 4S?

IVona Voices Work Fine on a 4S

I have a 4S, and the IVona voices seem to work fine. I don't have them all, but I imagine if one works well, the others will too.

Using a Braille Display

I tried to use Voice Dream with my Refreshabraille 18 today with the latest version of the app on my iOS 7.1 iPad Mini. Unfortunately, the text box is always empty on the display but all the other controls and elements show up fine on the display and are spoken clearly. Do I need to configure something in order to use a Braille display in the text area?

Voice Dream and a braille display

Hi, If the text box stays empty, it's certainly because you're trying to use your Braille display while the TTS is speaking. Having said that, even if it's not the case, the text box is not optimized to be used with a Braille display. You'll be able to read the portion of text displayed on the screen when the TTS is not speaking but after having read this text portion, you'll land on the interface controls. I don't think there's a way to scroll efficiently to the next portion of text and even though it was the case, those portions are too small to give the user a pleasant experience with a braille display. You may enlarge this portion by selecting the smallest font in the display settings but it is not definitely ideal. I guess the text box's container should be redesigned like the one used in iBooks and I don't know if it's even easily doable by the dev. Let us know if you find a way.

Voice Dream isn't made for braille

As the whole point of Voice Dream is that you can use it to listen to either TTS reading a text or an audio version of it being played, I can understand some of the text in this app not being readable by a braille display. If you'd rather use a braille display to read, you're better off with Kindle or iBooks: just my opinion! But, if Voice Dream's controls can be operated with a braille display, you could perhaps set the app to skip through the text by sentence or paragraph to make it easier to find your place in the text, otherwise you can skip by a length of time such as 15 seconds if you prefer that. As I have never used an i-device with a braille display, I have no idea whether you can work with those settings in braille, but it makes sense to me that the text you're reading with Voice Dream isn't readable with braille, as that's not the purpose of the app.

Expanding and Collapsing Navigation Units

I see in a most recent change log that we can expand and collaps DAISY sections. I find that on the list of navigation unit choices, while reading a DAISY book from bookshare, chapter; I would have thought that I could some how collaps the list of chapters to just level 1 and so on. Is there a way to actually do this? I tried all the controls and can't find a way to do this. I think the only other app where this is remotely possible is with the NLS BARD app.

Expanding and collapsing Chapters

Hello, I believe this is possible if you tap the "Bookmarks" button. In the screen that comes up, pick "Chapter", then you should find a slider that says something like "Chapter Level..." I hope this makes sense.