Mobile data plan usage

Here’s a question for all. I have a two GB a month data plan. I use it mostly for streaming while I’m on the go. However, I have noticed even when I’m not listening to music, and have all my apps closed, something is eating my data like I eat bacon. Besides looking at the cellular settings, is there a way to tell which apps are using the most data? Something is happening in the background. Here’s an example. My data resets on the 6th of each month. I have already used 230 MB, and I know for a fact I have not streamed that much. I went over my data plan last month, but I have no idea what it could be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Mobile Data Plan usage

Hi WildmanJoe unfortunally I don't pay allot of atention at Data usage because I have unlimited. however if you use allot of iMessage you data is consider using and I don't know if there some way where you can see this. I hope some could help on this way, may some as on the same vote . if I remember well AnonyMouse made a podcast about it, but I said I dont't know allot of this.

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I know under your cellular settings, you can turn off cellular data for apps. I have unlimited data, but i have turned off cellular data for apps that really don't need it. You might want to try turning off cellular data for some of your apps and see what happens. Also, using features like sirii will use data as well.

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These are great tips, but I also already know about them. I guess what I'm asking is this. is there any way to tell which apps use the most data, then I can keep track of it better. I do have most apps turned off in cell data, but something else is eating it all up, but I do not know what it could be. My only other option is to turn off all cell data completely. I would prefer however, not to have to go that far. The phone doesn't tell you on an app by app basis, how much data you use. That's what I'm looking for.

It's actually your carrier

It's actually your carrier phoning home so to speak. There was a report on this in 2010 where someone proved that this happens. they basically left data on and didn't do anything and it air their data plan like crazy even though they did not stream, send video messages, etc. I'd call your provider and see what's going on. Take care.

I turned off cellular data

I turned off cellular data for a few days and was very surprised to discover how many apps were using cellular data even when I was in wifi rage. Email apparently uses cellular data even as it prompts me to connect to a wifi network. AND many apps failed to work at all when I was away from wifi. Where can I see a list of apps using cellular data? I am still using IOS 6 un an iphone 4. Thanks

That's a bit strange. Are you

That's a bit strange. Are you positive? You can look at what is and is not using cell data under settings, general, usage, I think. I'm using iOS 7.0.4 so can't remember under 6

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I just bought an IPhone 5S last weekend with unlimited talk and text, and 4GB monthly data plan, so I'm not sure how much I use yet. I made sure not to allow push notification on apps like twitter and audio boo, so they won't be constantly pinging the servers. I do have notifications enabled on dice world because I'm sort of addicted to that. Siri has beenn extremely useful given my cerebral palsy; I use it for everything from texting, tweeting, to determining my current location. Joe, have you closed apps that you're not using from the app switcher? Maybe some of them are still using data in the background.