app for getting notified about bad weather?

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i was wondering if there is an app that can snd push notifications about bad weather thar doesn't have stuff like your forecast?



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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Hello treky fan,

There are actually quite a few options to look at. I'll be honest it really depends in exactly what you are looking for in an Alert app. Try looking at these two apps. They are designed just for Weather Alerts and not so much for giving weather, however they can do that.

The iMapWeather Radio has some really neat benefits. This particular app will actually follow you around. So regardless of where you are it will always notify you of any alerts you need to know. This does have the NOAA radio broadcast that you can listen. Also, I like the neat alert it has when an alert does pop up. This one is my favorite of the group.

Now the Weather Alert USA also has some benefits of its own as well. It also offers the NOAA radio broadcast. However, I believe it has more alerts than you can chase a stick with. Some of our weather people on here at AppleVis really love this app quite a bit. The pop up alert does work well but it isn't as grand as the other one.

Both of those apps are absolutely perfect if you are in to strictly Weather Alerts and give the precise alerts pertaining just for your area. Some other apps will give you to many alerts for areas that be in your surrounding ares. So they aren't as precise as we would like to be.

Here are the locations of the apps here on AppleVis for you to look at and read up on:

iMapWeather Radio

Weather Alert USA

Must admit those apps are not cheap. So if you are looking for something basic and cheap. I just found this recently and does Weather Alerts. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done.

This can be found over at:
Weather Underground

Hope that helps you out. If you have any more questions regarding to these particular apps or have others. Please feel free to ask!


Submitted by Jessica S. on Thursday, December 27, 2012

I use MyWeather Mobile. It's free, & it works great! I love that it lets me get push notifications for multiple locations. :)