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Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.

  • See what friends are up to
  • Share updates, photos and video
  • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
  • Watch and interact with live video
  • Play games and use your favorite apps

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Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.



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This app is mostly accessible with VoiceOver.

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VoiceOver reads most page elements.

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Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

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Heh. It's hard to keep track of all the replies. I just remember reading that one yesterday. :)

Didn't got that to work.... What I really want to do, is to access one certain list of friends with their latest activity. In the previous version, I had for instance a list directly in the main menu called Family, where I could go to see people registered as familys latest activity... Can't find that anymore... When I go to my list of friends and tap on one of them, then the profile of that person opens, and their name is inactive in the profile view and wont let me tap on it again, so not sure if I'm doing anything wrong. But that approach seems to be much less efficient than just finding the particular list in the main menu as I could do earlier anyway...

Submitted by Cliff on Thursday, April 18, 2013

In reply to by sockhopsinger

Both finding friends lists fast and easy, AND sorting the newsfeed to view most recent posts resolved! At the newsfeed page, theres a spot that says Newsfeed just below Status and check in, and above where the posts starts. Flick to the right and it saysAll friends, flick again and it says Following, and here comes the solution; flick to the right again, and VO says nothing and makes the click sound. This is an unlabeled button, that for sighted people is shown as a down arrow. Double tap on this, and you'll get a list that contains everything you need, e.g. recent news, all your friends lists, groups, games and much more. If you don't find the items I describe after Newsfeed, double tap on it, and the next 3 items will apear! I have now labeled the unlabeled item below following, as "Down arrow" so I know what it is for later... Hope this may help others as well! Now, of to check my most recent news! See yah later, gangstas ;)

I am unable to "like" posts using version 6.0.2 of the Facebook app on an iPhone 5. I have tried multiple different statuses with the same result. Has anyone else experienced this issue with any of the version 6 releases?

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Saturday, April 20, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In reply to by Michael Hansen

Hello Michael, Just played with Facebook version 6.0.1 and on the newest 6.02. I do not have any problems in liking a status on my end. I have tried it on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5 with no problems. There is one thing to note though. Once you double tap on that Like button. The button will remain as a Like. So I thought at one time it would go as Dislike if you had already Liked something. How I could tell it had worked is that you have to flick a few times down further. It then says that You, blah blah, and others Like this. HTH

Submitted by Nicholas Parsons on Saturday, April 20, 2013

In reply to by AnonyMouse

Any reason why I should not upgrade to version 6.0.2? Speak now or forever hold your piece. ;)

Submitted by Cliff on Saturday, April 20, 2013

In reply to by Nicholas Parsons

Your phone will explode, your hair will immediately turn gray and a band of dwarfs will jump out of your fridge, playing when the saints go marching in, completely out of tune... Your choice ;)

I could have handled the explosions and dwarfs, but not, not When the Saints Go Marching In… Save me!

Submitted by Cliff on Saturday, April 20, 2013

In reply to by Nicholas Parsons

Hahaha! I lied, lied I tell you! And all for the pure joy of messing with your head! None of the above will probably happen! So go ahead and update the thing... If you dare.... Oh no.. Too much coffee... Again! :)

Not sure how I did it before, as I was able to do it a week ago. I get push notifications from the people on my close friends list. Anyway, I once again want to remove someone from the list as they are posting way to much and I am sick and tired of getting notified about. I went to them on my friends list and can find everything except that little pop up that tells me my relationship with them so I can uncheck close friend. Also on the menu I couldn't seem to find my lists. Does anyone know how to do this? Also, not sure if this is just me but when I went to AppleVis to find Facebook to type this I couldn't seem to find this thread. I guess it is great that there are so many people contributing content to AppleVis, but a basic search for Facebook pulled up a ton of pages of results and none of them were the review of the app. Not sure if there is a way to streamline the search results, but it would be nice if when you typed Facebook and selected IOS App you didn't have to search through 10 pages to find the Facebook app. I ended up going to my email trash and found an old thread. Just a suggestion here.

What's New in Version 6.1 • Photo viewer button lets you save, share or make profile picture • Improved places editing when checking in on iPhone • Events load faster on iPhone first imprescion when open the facebook app, looks like read out to you the online contacts... faster when check places still accessible upload pictures and videos personally looks as the 6.0 version version but with few more features.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In reply to by MarkSARCH

well one day after version 6.1 Facebook came out with new update!! What's New in Version 6.1.1 • Photo viewer button lets you save, share or make profile picture • Improved places editing when checking in on iPhone • Events load faster on iPhone first imprescions as on the previous comment said on previous version 6.1 when open the facebook app, looks like read out to you the online contacts, when open the app next to Main Menu on the left corner voiceOver announce some Facebook contact Facebook app on new version 6.1.1 fix this bug that was presented on 6.1 version, faster when check places still accessible upload pictures and videos personally looks as the 6.0 version but with few more features.

Hello all. Withe latest version of Facebook I have an issue with new feeds. I want to have all feeds in order, but when I click "most recent 20 plus" button, it keeps opening "messages" section. In previous version, when I clicked "most recent" button, camera roll was opened. Please does anyone know how to have new feeds in order? Thanks for help.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In reply to by Maya

What's New in Version 6.2 • Add icons to status updates to show what you're feeling, reading, watching and more (English only) • Easily change who can see something you've shared • Start a new conversation with photos you receive in messages • Bug fixes First of all let me say who I haven’t played allot with the app but the first impressions are; Facebook app is pirty much the as the previous version, but with few more features that are accessible. • Add icons to status updates to show what you're feeling, reading, watching and This feature is very accessible, you can choose one of differences labels for example, Eating Difference options like Icecream Lunch, etc… This feature works not only for status if photos too. I’m not going to say bugs but I saw this working on the app ^ when post some status and you want to choose friends voiceover reads out the friend name follow for deem. This mean that’s unselect it but voiceover for some reason reads that because is possible select one or couple names. On the News Feed section Starting from the top to buttom using flick right gesture on the list of news feed voiceover read one line perfect and fast but the next line voiceover stop read it for 2 or 3 seconds but it works so any way, then if you starting from the buttom to the top using flick left you will not see any problem with.

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Sunday, June 23, 2013

Anyone else having an issue with the latest update when refreshing content? When I do this, the "camera roll" comes up. Is this just me? If not, is there some way around this?

Hello Misty, No, I am not having that problem. What I typically do is go to the Most Recent. Just tap on it. Now do the three fingers swipe down. It then refreshes for me. HTH

Submitted by Maya on Monday, June 24, 2013

Hi Misty. Very similar is happening here. When I click on "most recent", "all friends" or "see more buttons", "messages" or "camera roll" always come up. When I click "news feeds button", everything seems to be fine, but I do not have my feeds in order which is quite frustrating. I would like to have my news feeds in order if possible. If anyone knows how to figure this isuue out, please let me know. I have the latest version installed, but it has occured with previous versions as well.

Submitted by Callum on Saturday, June 29, 2013

Whenever I get a push notification for something such as a comment, I don't get a sound notification. VO does read out the notification as an alert, but I don't get a vibration and tri-tone. I've checked my notification settings on both my account and my phone. Notification sentre is on, alerts is set to banners, sounds is on, and view in lock screen is on. The notifications do come through and are read out just no sound and vibration are played. Anyone else having this problem?

Submitted by Walei on Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I haven't kept up with all the previous comments on this page but I recently discovered that you can perform a 2 finger double tap gesture on a status to invoke a menu which allows you to like, comment or share that status. Did you guys know about this? This is gonna be really useful for videos which have always been inaccessible in terms of liking or commenting.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Thursday, July 11, 2013

In reply to by Walei

What's New in Version 6.3 • Find verified celebrities, public figures and brands by looking for a blue check mark next to their names • Improved places editing to fix categories, phone numbers and other info on iPad • Fix for a problem that was causing News Feed to load slowly for some people hi Walei yeah thanks this new gesture has been include for Facebook just in this new update that's came out few hours ago on July 10 On the previous facebook versions didn't work and even didn't show up the gesture mention on your comment. if you haven't update at the new version guys it has a new feature for voiceOver mention above when you are in the news feed section and voiceOver cursor is on a status posted from your friends or someone else voiceOver will tell you (two finger double tap to like, share or comment on this story ) with out be into the status. one notable bug and I don't think is nothing to do with voiceOver if download the new Facebook app version 6.3 for first time note I'm not saying update it I didn't see how to allow my current location on the app itself and even on my iPhone settings.

I must say, I do appreciate the fact that FB has implemented this new VO gesture, but did they really have to make the "hint" about it repeat after *every single status update* is read? To me, this is just annoying! Surely, there is some way to only have the hint speak once and then never again...?

This has nothing to do with facebook. It's a voiceover feature that you can turn off by going to settings, general, accessibility, voiceover and toggle speak hints off. Alternatively if you only want to hear hints at your own convenience, you can add hints to your roter.

I'm afraid you're wrong on that one.... The new facebook-hint is read regardless of when hints are turned on or off for VO. So this is a facebook thing, not anything that can be done in VO settings.... Another thing I dislike with the new release, is the way messages now are read. In this version, the message gets read before the name of the person who sent it... So if it's a long message text, you have some time to ponder upon who has sent it before you'll get the answer... only glad they haven't changed this in the Messenger app too... Then I'd probably stop using fb messaging for good, at least until they get it fixed so the name of the person again is read before the message. But the new gesture works out pretty well though... If only they could remove the hint in some way, or maybe let it be read when VO hints are turned on, that would be great! :) Have a good one!

Hello, I've noticed that the hint actually appears on screen when VoiceOver is turned on, so Facebook did not implement this hint well when they inserted it in to the app. For example, when VoiceOver says things such as, "Double tap to open." the phrase, "Double tap to open," doesn't actually appear on screen, its just said by VoiceOver. This is not the case with the new Facebook hint. Hopefully they fix this on the new update. As for the messages thing, I'd really like it to be reverted to how it used to be as well. On the bright side, the messages feature is still accessible and usable, the text was just reverted.

Using Facebook v6.3 dose anyone know of a way to stop the hint speaking after every status you read. I have turned off announcement of hints in VoiceOver's acceptability but alas the hint still gets spoken. Other than this, I would of continued to use this new version but have downgraded back to 6.2 because of this hint happening all the time.

I actually reckon that it speaks the hint by design. I always have VoiceOver hints turned off, so I may never have known that the new gesture existed if they didn't do it this way. It'd be nice to have the option to turn it off now though I agree :) But I do think they probably have it there all the time on purpose. Thoughts?

Submitted by Santiago on Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In reply to by Dave Nason

You do have a good point there. If you're downloading apps such as Facebook, they probably assume that you have hints off/no longer need them since you know how to use iOS to a certain extent. It still would be nice to be able to turn the specific hints off though.

Submitted by Chelsea on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hey guys, My facebook app wouldn't update for awhile and I just got it working today and just found out about the gesture implementation. I like it the way it is; I too have VO hints turned off and would not have known; it's much quicker if you want to like/share/comment immediately on someone's status. As for the repetition, I have a lot of friends who post photos, so I find it helpful that the hint stays on because I know when a status ends. Cool new unexpected feature!

Submitted by Callum on Saturday, August 10, 2013

I stopped push notifications on Facebook and moved to text notifications so I still had the sound and vibration when a notification comes through. Are sound notifications fixed in this update or shall I stick to text notifications?

Sorry no, I'll try and explain a bit better. For messages I use the Facebook messenger app which does work. I mean you can have the Facebook app set to when someone posts a comment on your status for example, it sends you a push notification, and its supposed to vibrate and also play the tri tone. For a while now the notification comes through but no sound or vibration is played and I don't like having to listen out for VO reading it and often missed notifications. Is this still happening? Thanks.

Yes, it is. I personally prefer this way, because messages usually are more important and may require quick response. But it totally depends how people prefer and use their devices. :)

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Monday, August 12, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Some will be happy to know that this version brings back the way it reads the status. It now reads the poster name/date/time and then the message. Previous version it read that backward.

What's New in Version 6.4

• Search for hashtags or tap them in posts to see what other people are saying about a topic
• Make restaurant reservations directly on participating Pages in the US
• Faster loading and a cleaner design for timelines on iPad
• Fixed a bug that was causing some people to see red notification badges when there weren't any new notifications

Submitted by Daniel on Monday, August 12, 2013

In reply to by AnonyMouse

To add to what Michael has said. What I have noticed is that the app seems more responsive which is always a good thing. Also what I particularly like is the new hint that Voiceover says after a status. Compared to the previous version 6.3 for me at least it is less chatter lol and if you think about it, it makes more sense. All in all, a good update from 6.2 which I was currently using. Keep up the good work Facebook! :)

Submitted by Katie P on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In reply to by Daniel

I too have noticed the app seems faster on the iPad, but I still do not get any feedback when looking at my friends list in the app aside from the headings that have the 1st letters of the names.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One thing I notice is this. When I'm attempting to upload a photo, I kind of can't. Well I can, but facebook just says image when I'm going through my library. This has been a long standing bug that should be looked in to. I hope it can be fixed. Over all I love the new update. I don't notice the change in the wording of the hint and I've been using it for a while. For the person asking about the notifications sound, I personally turned all of those off as I don't want them especally on my birthday. lol! Tc all.

Hi Marrie On the new Facebook version 6.4 who is the most recent is possible upload photos or videos How? Well when or after have selected the camera Roll You will find the list of photo/videos Somethink like it say Photo follow for date and time select it making the gesture double tap then it will bring up many options on the buttom starting for add photo just need to do the flick gesture until find attach this photo to a post button add text and finally hit on post button.

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Thursday, August 29, 2013

OK, so I tweeted Facebook about several accessibility issues in the latest version of the app using the link provided on this page (@fbaccess) and got a reply telling me to submit a ticket about it. Since doing so is often very difficult as the link is often made very difficult to find, could someone please provide me with a direct link to where I can submit this ticket? Thanks.

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Thursday, September 19, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

iPhone Edition Review:
Now this is an major overhaul! Now let me get the bad news out of the way first. You will find the Notifications is completely inaccessible. However, they have had made a significant change in how the UI works. I have to say this is one of the best improvement to date in regards of Voice Over accessibility. You just simply have to give this a try. You will notice that they have had made a lot of changes to make this far more simple. There rows of tabs along the bottom. are just great!

Would love to hear in what others think of the changes?

What's New in Version 6.5

Facebook has an all new look and feel for iOS 7.

Also in this update:
• Tap the bottom of your screen to quickly get to your Messages, Notifications and more (iPhone only)
• You can now use the app in Czech, Finnish, Polish, Swedish and traditional Chinese
• Bug fixes

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, September 19, 2013

In reply to by AnonyMouse

Well taking a glance at the new facebook I do notice in the notifications there's a lot of the stuff vo does not read. I'm not surprised that facebook broke it as they are quite known for doing this, but this *must* be fixed.

I think the janitors are higher up on the food chain than the accessibility team at Facebook. While there have been some improvements the fact that notifications is completely broken and inaccessible tels me about Facebook's commitment to accessibility. This is nothing new, and just an overall statement about Facebook. You can get Facebook in almost any language on the planet, but if you have a disability they could care less. Would love to know what Facebook's accessibility team does on a daily basis as I know we are not their primary concern when getting out an app update, but seriously to completely break notifications is ridiculous.

Submitted by Callum on Thursday, September 19, 2013

As much as I hate the notifications been broken, their is a work around if you wanna call it that. You will know if you have a notification as 1 new item will be announced when you tap on the Facebook app. If you open a notification from the notification center it will take you to the post or whatever the notification was about anyway. If not, you tap on the notifications button on the bottom of the screen, then go to the notifications heading. Flick right and you'll hear the message friends button. Flick right again and you'll hear the VO sound but nothing read out. Its ok, just flick right from the message friends button once, then double tap. The most recent notification is always at the top of the notifications list. Hope this helps for now.

Submitted by Randi on Thursday, September 19, 2013

I love this new update!!!! It really is a nicer look and works much more smoothly. I just doownloaded it a few hours ago, but I already tried the workaround for notifications and have had no problem. Haven't had the chance to play with photos or vidios yet, but from what I've seen, the new version is great! I love that the search feature is the first thing you see, and it seems to work well. Thanks FB for all your efforts to improve this app!

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