Hell Hunter: Anti-Nomen mobile version is finally released!

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Hi Everyone! Finally, right in time for Halloween, Hell Hunter - Anti-Nomen for mobile is finally here!
All the latest changes and fixes i made in the pc/mac version are included, among them i remind the new accessibility options, i added accessibilty settings for partial deafness issues:
- Extra option in the inventory (battle background volume settings) to tone down the most noisy background musics in battle, default volume is 100%, you can set it to 70%, 40%, 10% and eventually set it back to 100%
- Extra option in the inventory (alert sound on quiet attacks) to activate/deactivate an extra alert sound (the same
used for deadly attacks) for the attacks which are hard to hear.
To be precise 4 battle background music and 6 specific monsters are involved with those options, so they won't work in the other battles, but they shouldn't be necessary elsewhere. Those options can be selected only from the inventory and they are deactivated by default: when activated, those options makes those battles easier (especially the second one), so unless you really need them for deafness issues or you get stuck, i'd suggest you to not use them, since that's the intended difficulty of the game. By they way those options can be activated at the same time as well.

Here's some detail about the mobile version:
1) Due to some issue with the inputs, the message which tells you how much HP you have has been removed from battle, still the heartbeat loop audio which activates when your HP are below 25% should be enough as warning;
2) To skip cutscenes or room change speech it's better to let you know that you have to tap twice, and at the second tap you keep pressing the touchscreen for 2-3 seconds until you hear the heartbeat sound and skip the text;
3) You heal with the blood vial using swipe up in battle; for attacking you tap twice, you might assume that if you hear your slash attack sound then you attacked just once and so that you're not dealing much dps, but actually, in order to avoid this issue, due to the mobile inputs, i made so that if you attack, then you actually attacked twice so if you hear two times your attack sound, that equals to 4 attacks of the pc version... the player might notice some slight advantage or disadvantage according to the battle, compared to the pc version;
4) Seems like it has been pointed out in some of the other games of the staff, so i'll try to explain some detail about
it... when you dodge in the mobile version you use swipe left, swipe right and swipe down. While left and right are a
piece o' cake to input correctly, since the screen is oriented horizontally, the space for vertical swipe is limited,
that means that you need to be more accurate when you swipe up/down or you risk that your input might be interpreted as a swipe left or right instead. My suggestion is to start the swipe movement a bit more higher than the center, so you have more space for the input and pratice a bit! Anyway i played the mobile version with my eyes closed and completed it so i can tell it's not a big deal the vertical swipe
5) Due to mobile inputs which require some extra fraction of second to act and react, i decided to add 0.1 second of time to the player to dodge an attack and the same amount for the pause between a monster attack and the next one. It's difficult to know how player can handle the difference between the inputs so what i can say is that some battle might be easier or harder, compared to PC version... a certain lady deserves a special mention since she was having "too much fun" so i had to tone down a bit that battle in the mobile version, so don't worry about that.

For who didn't play the game yet, HELL HUNTER - Anti-Nomen is a Horror RPG game, this is the story of Elyon, a vampire hunter, he's a dhampir hence the son of a vampire and a human, he hunted vampires and creatures for a long time, now he wants to succeed in his greatest hunt: Dracula, the lord of darkness.
The story is set in Transylvania, in our days: technology like smartphones already exist, to be precise, in this modern
society creatures of the night exist and people is not aware of that, some of the creatures even live among humans,
in disguise. Elyon hunts them far from the eyes of common humans and travels along darkest places during his personal mission.

The dynamic music and ambience of the game, combined to the horror gimmicks will make you enter inside the mood of the game, you'll fight many types of enemies with different behaviors among them. Aside the main story, the game has secret quests and superbosses.

Thanks to all you players who played the game and/or provided feedbacks, you helped a lot in this journey!

The game is now purchasable also for Android and iOS:

Android version link:

iOS version link:

If you have any question, or want to share you experience or anything else, please write here and I'll try to answer as soon as possible!
It's also discounted in this period... how 'bout a run to fit the mood? Happy Halloween!



Submitted by DMNagel on Friday, October 29, 2021

It is good to know that the battle system has been changed back to how it should be. Now I just wish you would do it with the first moonwalk game as well.

Hello DMNagel, well... actually i'm Tenkarider, the one who made Hell Hunter, both the games come from Audiogames Association, but Fury Driver is made from another dev

Submitted by Firefly on Friday, October 29, 2021

Just bought the game for iOS, after I play it for a few days, I will be making a podcast about it! Probably sometime next week

Submitted by Tenkarider on Friday, October 29, 2021

Hi Firefly, thanks a lot for the support! Sounds interesting, i liked the streams/videos made by Hell Hunter players so far

Submitted by Ramy on Friday, November 5, 2021

Thanks so much for this wonderful game, i went to the appstore, but did not find a trial or anything to try before Purchasing,
I love games, but i need to be sure that i will be happy playing it.
SO please, if you can make a trial period, it will be cool.

Submitted by Tenkarider on Friday, November 5, 2021

Hello Ramy, thanks for the interest, honestly i don't know the reason why but the android version of the game has a demo and then the in-app full game purchase.
Also the PC version of the game has a demo, if you have the chance to try one of those 2 version then you might have a trial, that's the best i can suggest you...

Submitted by al-Salil on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

I prefer games/apps that are free and an in app purchase to continue the game after a certain point.
This way I can pay if I really like it and would to play the game further or to use the app.
An in app purchase could also include other enhancements so the dev gets some money :-)

Submitted by al-Salil on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

I'm new to RPG style of games.
How does the fight system work?
What to listen for to defeat the Dark Knight for instance?
I generally go for brute force and that killed the dragon and the other three monsters.
I like a challenge but I am not sure how to play RPGs and especially fighting :-)

Submitted by Tenkarider on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Hello al-Salil, thanks for playing the game! I don't know why iOS is the only version without a demo, all the other platforms of the game have a demo, but that doesn't depend on me.
The battle system works this way: you double tap to attack the monster, you swipe up to healing using a Blood Vial, to dodge the enemy attacks you swipe left if the attack comes from the right; swipe right if the attack comes from the left and swipe down if the attack is centered. If you try to attack when the enemy is attacking, you'll get hit no matter what, so it's important to learn when it's the time to attack and when it's the time to dodge. That part of the game is basically a tutorial, so practice a bit to get more confident with the game, since when stuff gets serious, the game won't be so forgiving. For example brute force won't bring you much far in the game, so you'll have to learn how much attacks to do before dodging and also pay attention to the thing called Deadly attack, mentioned against the dragon, because it will be the main gimmick of bosses of this game. I hope those tips will prove useful!

Submitted by al-Salil on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

I have to listen and learn what the different sounds mean to know when to attack or when to dodge.

Submitted by Tenkarider on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Uhm, not exactly, during a battle if you hear a sound which is not related to your actions, then it's probably an enemy attack; just make sure to stop attacking right in time to dodge the incoming enemy attacks, and after you dodge you restart attacking

Submitted by Lit Xuan on Sunday, November 28, 2021

Hi folks, I bought the game some days back and played it with excitement, but then after defeating the first four enemies after entering the castle, I got stuck in the library, not being able to proceed to the thrown room, trying to open the door will give me alert stating that this door is locked by an electrical mechanism that will require you to find some kind of reader to open the door or something along those lines, any clue about this since I couldn't find anything relating to any sort of reader for the electric door? Thanks in advance.

Submitted by Tenkarider on Sunday, November 28, 2021

Hello Lit Xuan, thanks for playing the game! As Metaguy suggested, sometimes checking again a spot in the game can tell you something different, the library is designed in a way so that the player will be aware about that: so you have to check some of the spots inside it. If you having trouble in finding something in the worst case scenario you can still check more times all the spots of the rooms

Hi there, thank you so much for the reply, reporting my progress, I wish I've checked here first, but browsing YouTube to see if fellow audio gamers have played the game and see how they do did answer my question. And it's exactly like you told here, checking the spot you've checked out earlier does unhide secrets and clues on how to move forward in the game, which for me personally is interesting, this makes the game not too straight forward, and more fun to play even if you have to play a little guessing game and work harder. For a moment when I got stuck, TBH, I thought something was wrong with the game and needs fixing or things along those lines, but well, I'm relieved I can continue progressing in the game, and hopefully achieve my mission of defeating Dracula. Thanks a lot again. Can't wait for the next update to this game for more improvements and interesting stuff added to it.

Submitted by Lit Xuan on Monday, November 29, 2021

Hi again, seems like the load game feature doesn't work as intended, at least on my end, I always find myself having to start over every time I quit the game, double-tapping on the load game button on the main menu does nothing so I'm left with no choice but to click on start game, and redoing all the fights again, is this an issue to be fixed or I missed something? Thanks in advance for any response.

Submitted by Tenkarider on Monday, November 29, 2021

Actually you just have to find a save point and examine it to save the game. load game won't make happen anything until you save once at least... the first saving point is found after the tutorial

Submitted by Lit Xuan on Friday, December 3, 2021

Hi there, thanks for the info, I actually figured out about the save point after I ventured quite a bit deeper into the game, the option just presented itself if I remembered it correctly, after you got off the sea to the buildings, now I'm stuck at the level of the wolf forest, that one is hard, and I keep end up getting devoured by bunch of wolves without combat even after defeating one wolf

Submitted by Tenkarider on Friday, December 3, 2021

In reply to by Lit Xuan

That happens because you turned around: pay attention to the text and you'll eventually figure out what you did wrong here

Submitted by Lit Xuan on Saturday, December 4, 2021

I heard about focusing on one direction and if you move forward, you should continue moving forward, that kind of stuff, even on that part, maybe it's just me, but I find it a little tricky to understand, never mind, I'll see about it, I'm confident of making a breakthrough on this level, thanks.

Submitted by Lit Xuan on Saturday, December 4, 2021

I don't know if it's just me facing difficulty or it's the case with anyone else, but I struggle a lot with the combat system in Hell Hunter, no issues in attacking, but while dodging enemies attacks by swiping left, right or down and drinking blood vile by swiping up, it take several swipes for one move to be registered

Submitted by Tenkarider on Saturday, December 4, 2021

About the swipe, vertical swipes (up and down) require more precision to input them correctly... sorry for the inconvenience but with practice that issue becomes much less relevant

Submitted by Lit Xuan on Sunday, December 5, 2021

Thanks for the reply, I'll keep on practicing and hopefully get better at it, if improvements are possible, I hope to see them in the next update.

Submitted by Lit Xuan on Sunday, December 5, 2021

Maybe it's me not being able to get use to it, I don't know, but seriously, the combat system in Hell Hunter is starting to take a toll on me, I have to swipe real hard number of times, and even then it takes a long while to register, and within that amount of time I struggle with it, the enemies enjoy hitting me non-stop, degrading my character's health, forcing me to use the vile, sometimes overused due to too much swiping because one or two swiping up don't work, any other tip, or do I have to wait for the next update and hopefully things will improve? I tried swiping slowly, swiping on wider area of the screen, etc but it just doesn't work consistently for me, even when I know I'm swiping up to drink blood vile, what happen instead sometimes is me turning towards other directions, any help would be much appreciated.

Submitted by Tenkarider on Sunday, December 5, 2021

There's no planning of further fixes to the game: while some other people pointed that out, in most of the cases they eventually improved with the input and the issue stopped being an actual issue.
I suggest to not swipe too much wide, and, definitely don't swipe many times, it's not reccomended and probably it will cause even more errors in battle. You also might want to make sure the smartphone screen and your finger are alligned properly.
No issue has been reported on swiping left or right, since they are quite easy to input: the fact that you have some problem with them as well is a bit strange... just to be sure, you need to be accurate, try to swipe in a straight line and be accurate, last but not least you can't do that slowly or the enemy will hit you, so you'll have to learn to be fast and accurate

Submitted by Lit Xuan on Monday, December 6, 2021

Thanks much again for the reply, I feel strange too since I didn't have issues doing those in different games before, as far as I can tell, but I can assure you that I have my device and finger positioned correctly and I'm sure I swiped correctly, but I guess me being a little impatient and overdo it too quickly and too many times made me pay dearly, LOL. Since I bought the game and I like this genre of games, I'll keep on trying till I succeed. Thanks again.