AppleVis Unleashed September 2019: The Swiss Cheese Brains and the Unlucky 13


Nice job

Thanks. I am more interested in amazon than apple. Thomas please consider doing a podcast on gestures that you use. I use the 2 finger slide left and right for rotor and I am going to use 3 single finger tap for status bar. I believe you change for copy and paste text?

Command Customization

I have yet to listen to this episode, but want to comment on the subject. I customized the Next Heading command to something different, and it works like a charm. I think this'll come in handy for a sister of mine, who is also a VoiceOver user. Nice job as always.

Personal VoiceOver Gesture Assignment

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@Holger Fiallo

Sure, what I have are the following for now. One finger triple tap is assigned to Status Bar. The two fingers swipe left, and right are assigned to Previous and Next Rotor Item. Lastly, I am using the four fingers swipe and down assigned to copy and paste. The only item that I may configure at some point is the next and previous Headings.



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Amazon sure has come a long way. My Toshiba Fire TV, fire tablet, Echos, Cube all worked right out of the box. Their Accessibility leads have always been receptive and interested in issues related to Voice View.
So tempted to order the smart oven.
Great podcast.

Thanks Thomas

I will use your to do same. Amazon the best still Alexa. Long live alexa.


I just started listenning to this podcast and I love it!
Oh I just love the unleashed team!
it is just so amazing! you just keep making me laugh!
thank you so much!

Excellent podcast

Even though I've 'read and listened to a lot about IOS 13 this podcast has inspired me to get to grips with the new features and not just carry on as usual. I thought it was well organised and the contributers always make it enjoyable.