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I am the developer of the app Speech Central. The iOS version was nominated for the best accessible iOS app in 2017 on AppleVis, and macOS and iOS versions together nominated my company Labsii for the developer of the year: https://www.applevis.com/blog/closed-cast-your-votes-now-applevis-golde…

In August 2019 the app has crossed 10,000 licenses sold on all platforms, so I've decided to celebrate this with a big discount. On 2nd September (it has already started now and may be available on 3rd September too in some time zones) the price will be reduced from 7.99$ to 0.99$.

The App Store link to get the app is: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/speech-central-text-to-speech/id1223093645



It is really nice to see old users supporting the app. Seeing happy people is even more important than making the app profitable.

Submitted by Ginsenshi on Thursday, September 5, 2019

jus bought the app for Mac, when I press the add button and then hit BookShare the app seems to close and go back to the Applications folder.

So how can I use Bookshare with the app?


Submitted by Labsii on Thursday, September 5, 2019

That error has appeared in the version published on Aug 13, 2019. This was not particularly tested as no changes where made in this part of the app, but Apple made some changes on their side that eventually caused the crash.

The problem was reported on Aug 30. It was fixed the next day and after some new features where being completed it has been submitted to the App Store on Sep 2. Finally Apple approved the new version today, so it is likely that you can see the update if you go to the App Store now, if not then it should happen in a few hours.