Announcing the Newest Inductees into the AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
We are pleased to announce the result of the public vote to decide which apps should be the next inductees into our iOS App Hall of Fame.
The AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame is our community's opportunity to acknowledge and reward the passion and hard work that developers put into creating great apps which are both fully accessible to blind and low vision users and which place powerful tools into the palms of our hands. These apps can be empowering; liberating; life-changing; provide access to information, resources or services that sighted users take for granted; or, in some cases, they can simply just be good fun!
In short, these are the apps that demonstrate why iOS devices are so popular amongst blind and low vision users, and our iOS App Hall of Fame is a showcase and celebration of those which the AppleVis community believes to be the best of the best.
This was the strongest iOS App Hall of Fame induction shortlist ever. It is perhaps no surprise, therefore, that we also had the largest number of votes to date.
Although it was possible to make a strong case for each of the 12 apps on the shortlist, four apps in particular collectively won more than 80% of the total votes cast. With only a handful of votes separating these four apps, we felt that it was appropriate to change our previously stated plan to have only two inductees from this vote, and have now decided that all four of these apps will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
So, without further ado, here are the 4 iOS apps that the AppleVis community deemed worthy of a place in the Hall of Fame:
Our congratulations and thanks go to the developers who have been responsible for creating these great and accessible apps.
Our next Hall of Fame induction will be held in February 2014. This gives us time to compile another shortlist of great apps to compete for your votes. So, do please continue to submit your nominations for any apps that you believe are worthy of a place on that shortlist.