The AppleVis iOS & iPadOS App Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame provides the AppleVis community with a means to showcase and acknowledge the passion and hard work that app developers put into creating great apps that are fully accessible to VoiceOver users. These apps place powerful tools into the palms of our hands, and give access to services, information, media or entertainment that the sighted world takes for granted.

Each year we stage a public vote to select the apps which the community believes are worthy of induction into the AppleVis iOS & iPadOS App Hall of Fame.


The following apps have been inducted into the AppleVis iOS & iPadOS App Hall of Fame:

June 2020


Aira is a free service that connects you to real people instantly to simplify daily life.

When you need to do something where some extra information can help you save time and be more efficient, just open the app and give us a call. You'll connect with real, highly-trained people who can see your surroundings through your phone's camera.

Link to Aira in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Envision AI

See what you can't with Envision, the fastest and most reliable app that describes the visual world around you with the help of artificial intelligence and OCR. Envision is carefully designed with the help of the visually impaired community, to bring the best assistive app to the blind and low vision. Read text in over 60 languages, use the magnifier, scan barcodes or your environment and so much more.

Link to Envision AI in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

June 2019

Voice Dream Scanner

Using artificial intelligence to analyze the live feed from the camera for text, angle, rotation, and document edges, Voice Dream Scanner delivers fast and accurate text recognition. Captured text can be saved and read in Voice Dream Reader, or exported to other apps or storage locations.

Link to Voice Dream Scanner in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Microsoft Soundscape

Microsoft Soundscape uses 3D audio technology to enhance your awareness of what is around you, and thereby help you get around and explore your surroundings. As you walk, key points of interest and your own saved locations are called out automatically as you pass them. Additionally, Microsoft Soundscape can tell you about your current location, direction, and what's ahead of you.

Link to Microsoft Soundscape in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

May 2018

Seeing AI

Beginning life as a research project to explore ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to enhance the lives of the vision impaired, Seeing AI harnesses the power of AI to describe text, objects and people. Since its launch in July 2017, the tools offered by Seeing AI have evolved and expanded, enabling many blind and low vision users to replace a number of standalone apps with this single app capable of performing multiple tasks.

Link to Seeing AI in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Weather Gods

This feature-rich weather app for iOS takes a unique approach to presenting weather information that caters for both casual users and weather enthusiasts alike, and VoiceOver support is a major consideration of the app's design with its developer engaging proactively with blind users to seek feedback and suggestions on how to enhance the user experience..

Link to Weather Gods in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

May 2017

Nearby Explorer

Nearby Explorer is a full-featured GPS app designed specifically for the vision impaired by the American Printing House for the Blind. You can select what location-related information is announced as you move. Options include both typical items like street name and address, and specialized announcements like approaching streets, intersection configurations, and nearby places and the distance and direction to them. Nearby Explorer can be used to provide turn-by-turn directions or to keep you aware of what's around you.

Link to Nearby Explorer in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Timecrest: The Door

Timecrest is an immersive 225,000-word blend of epic fantasy and interactive fiction, where every decision matters and leads to one of multiple endings. The story progresses in real-time; and you can build a team and Unlock secret storylines by building your relationship with other characters. The Timecrest developers have proactively engaged with blind gamers to ensure that this app delivers the optimum experience for VoiceOver users.

Link to Timecrest: The Door in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

May 2016

A Blind Legend

A Blind Legend is described by its developers as “… the first-ever mobile action-adventure game without video – where ears replace eyes”. It was little surprise, therefore, that this app was of immediate interest to blind gamers as soon as it hit the App Store in September 2015. You need only look at the comments posted to the game’s App Directory entry here on AppleVis to see how that initial interest has turned into a large and passionate fanbase.

Link to A Blind Legend in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Twitterrific: Tweet Your Way

Twitterrific has enjoyed great popularity amongst blind Twitter users because of the developer's commitment to full accessibility. The Iconfactory (the developers behind Twitterrific) has demonstrated a firm commitment to ensuring continued accessibility of the app, with VoiceOver tweaks and enhancements regularly featuring prominently in app updates. While some developers rarely mention accessibility improvements or fixes in app release notes,

Link to Twitterrific: Tweet Your Way in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

May 2015

Be My Eyes - Helping Blind See

Be My Eyes connects blind users with sighted volunteers over live video chat. Using the camera on the iOS device, the blind person can then ask questions about an object or situation that they need help identifying.

Link to Be My Eyes - Helping Blind See in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory


KNFBReader is a feature-rich text recognition app for iOS devices. With KNFBReader, users can convert nearly any type of printed text, including mail, receipts, class handouts, memos and many other documents, into high quality speech.

Link to KNFBReader in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

August 2014


MBraille is a feature-rich Braille typing app for iOS devices. With MBraille, users can type text messages, Facebook updates, tweets, e-mails, and much more - all using a standard six-dot Braille keyboard.

Link to MBraille in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

February 2014

BARD Mobile

A service of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) in the US. BARD Mobile provides access to Braille and talking books directly from the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD), which contains nearly 50,000 books, magazines, and music scores in audio and Braille formats.

Link to BARD Mobile in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Dice World: Fun with Friends

The hard work and dedication of the developer to make this collection of dice games fully accessible with VoiceOver has made this an extremely popular choice with blind gamers.

Link to Dice World: Fun with Friends in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

August 2013


Developed to help the blind in their daily lives, BlindSquare uses GPS and the compass to locate you. It then gathers information about the surrounding environment from FourSquare. BlindSquare has some unique algorithms to decide what information is the most relevant and then speaks it to you with high quality speech synthesis.

Link to BlindSquare in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Amazon Kindle

Enables you to read Kindle books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and PDFs on your iOS device.

Link to Amazon Kindle in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory


Designed to help the blind and visually impaired identify objects they encounter in their daily lives. Simply double tap the screen to take a photo of anything and hear the app speak the identification back to you.

Link to TapTapSee in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory​

Voice Dream Reader

Listen to PDF and Word documents, eBooks, articles, and Web pages anywhere with offline text-to-speech. Built-in integration with Dropbox, Bookshare, Pocket, Instapaper, and Gutenberg makes it easy to import and read material.

Link to Voice Dream Reader in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

February 2013


NFB-NEWSLINE® is an information source designed to keep persons who are unable to read conventional newsprint informed about current events locally, nationally, and around the world.

Link to NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

November 2012

Audible audiobooks & originals

Immerse yourself in a great story anytime, anywhere, by downloading from a breathtaking range of 100,000+ titles to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad—from best sellers to classics, and everything in-between.

Link to Audible audiobooks & originals in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Zello Walkie Talkie

Chat one-to-one with other users or create and join channels to enjoy open group chats. You can use Zello one-on-one with a friend or for a live group chat with your family; friends; or people with a shared interest.

Link to Zello Walkie Talkie in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

August 2012

Light Detector

Light Detector uses the camera on an iOS Device to transform any natural or artificial light source that it encounters into sound. You will hear a higher or lower sound depending upon the intensity of the light.

Link to Light Detector in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

May 2012


Quick and easy access to extended information on more than 25 million products, with thousands more added to the database each day. Users can also create and print their own personalized barcode labels.

Link to Digit-Eyes in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

March 2012

ooTunes Radio - Recording and Alarm Clock

Easy and feature-rich access to Music, Talk, Sports, and Entertainment Radio from 32,000 Internet audio streams and more than 150 genres.

Link to ooTunes Radio in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

February 2012


A simple but elegant solution for sharing and synchronizing files across multiple devices and platforms. Made even more useful by the many apps that utilize its functionality.

Link to Dropbox in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory


A voice messaging application that has gained a strong following among VoiceOver users because of its ease of use and accessibility.

Link to HeyTell in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

January 2012


A powerful and feature-rich way to manage your podcast subscriptions, all wrapped up in a fully accessible interface that provides a very satisfying user experience.

Link to Downcast in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

King of Dragon Pass

This game blends interactive stories and resource management into an epic saga of conflict, mythology, and community. The developer's commitment to accessibility ensures it has a strong following among VoiceOver users.

Link to King of Dragon Pass in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

December 2011

Ariadne GPS

A ground-breaking app that allows you to explore the map of what's around you by simply sliding your finger across the screen. Whilst out, monitor your location and direction. A perfect meld of assistive technology and mainstream hardware.

Link to Ariadne GPS in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Sero (formerly iBlink Radio)

Provides access to radio stations, podcasts and reading services of special interest to the blind and vision-impaired.

Link to Sero in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Apple Books

Provides access to new and popular books as they hit the virtual bookshelves. Accessible and easy to use, and for many blind users has restored a joy of reading.

Link to Apple Books in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory


An accessible DAISY book reader that allows you to browse, search, download, and read books directly from the Bookshare service or read DAISY books from other sources.

Link to Read2Go in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

Legacy Inductees

The following apps have been removed from the App Store since their induction, so are no longer available for download:

  • Fleksy VO - for VoiceOver users (originally inducted September 2012)
  • NantMobile Money Reader (originally inducted December 2011)
  • Papa Sangre (originally inducted April 2012)
  • TweetList 4 For Twitter (originally inducted December 2011)
  • VizWiz (originally inducted December 2011)
  • Vokul (originally inducted July 2012)

Suspended and Revoked Inductions

At times it may be necessary to temporarily suspend an induction or in extreme circumstances revoke it completely.

These decisions are not taken lightly, but are essential to maintain the integrity and value of the Hall of Fame.

Suspended Inductions

Pandora Music

Pandora Music is free personalized radio that only plays music you’ll love. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a custom "station" that plays similar music.

Inducted: June 2012 Suspended: August 2014 due to ongoing issues with browsing and managing stations.

Link to Pandora Music in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory

TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports

Listen to your favorite radio stations for free with TuneIn Radio. With over 100,000 radio stations, TuneIn has the largest selection of sports, news, music and talk radio from around the world.

Inducted: December 2011 Suspended: September 2020 due to developer's failure to address what had become longstanding accessibility issues introduced since induction.

Link to TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports in the iOS & iPadOS App Directory


Please note that the app landscape is constantly changing. Consequently, it is possible that an app listed above may no longer be considered the best choice due to changes in its own features; new or improved features in other apps; or in some cases changes to the features and functionality of iOS or iPadOS. So, we would always recommend that you carry out some research to establish whether an app is the best choice for you.