Getting Started With the Apple Watch and watchOS

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Blog Post by David Goodwin on

In this post, we will discuss the importance of reporting accessibility-related bugs to Apple and the best way to do so.

AppleVis is a great platform for discussing VoiceOver, Braille, and low vision related issues in Apple products, allowing you to confirm with others if what you are experiencing is indeed a bug, find and share workarounds, and express your frustration. However, it's important to make sure that the Accessibility Team at Apple is aware of these bugs so they can address them in future software updates.

Podcast by AppleVis on

In this first of a series of podcasts dedicated to Apple Watch, David Woodbridge takes an in-depth look at the device. The demonstration includes:

  • Unboxing both an Apple Watch Sport and an Apple Watch
  • Setting up the Apple Watch using the iPhone app and the Watch itself.
  • Using the Apple Watch iPhone app, including the various accessibility settings for VoiceOver users.
  • Navigating and using the Apple Watch interface
  • Customizing the Apple Watch