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Due to its length, this page contains only the first few pages of Michael's book. The full version is attached below as a downloadable file. More information on the book and downloadable versions in other file formats are available on Michael's website at https://michaelfeir.blogspot.com/2020/04/personal-power-ios-edition.html

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*** I hope others will add comments here.
The goal: to take videos of some partly inaccessible software to send to its developer. The videos would need to be quick clips that only show the problem; not long-winded amateur off-the-cuff recordings that would bore the developer.
The problem: blind with just light perception and no experience of being sighted before. No idea how to do this.

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If you open a webpage that doesn't have access to the Safari Reader and is difficult to navigate you could try saving it as a PDF. Admittedly you won't be able to interact with it and open links and drop down menus etc, but if you just want to be able to read general information more easily it may be useful. Just select the share button and choose Save PDF to iBooks. Once in iBooks you would need to tap on the document and set the rotor to something like lines and flick down to read the content. Let me know if anyone else has used this method.

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Many of you have been wondering: what is the easiest way to get ringtones on my iPhone. Follow these steps, and all your favorites will be on your iPhone in no time.
Requirements: PC running Windows
App: Goldwave.

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This guide's been corrected a bit, please read on.


Welcome to Blindfold RS Games, where the RS Games client may be played not only on your Mac/PC, but also your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Blindfold RS Games gives you access to all the games found on the RS Games client. This is a beginner's guide to guide you through all the basic commands, so that you may be on your way.

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You can navigate through a web page with links to streaming audio. ACB Radio comes to mind. But when you stream the audio, you find no way to save the URL of the stream as a shortcut icon on your home screen. Not to worry, you can bookmark Audio stream URLS too. Simply locate the link as usual. But instead of double-tapping to activate it, double-tap and hold. Wait for a second and an "action" menu will slide in to view. The URL target of the selected link will be read prefixed by the message Alert, to inform you of the appearance of the action menu.
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With the release of iOS 10, Apple introduced new visual effects that you can attatch to iMessages, to enhance the experience. Some of you may be asking "why would I want to send visual effects"? The short answer is because it's fun, and the great news is that Apple has made the process fully accessible, and when someone sends you a message with a full-screen effect, VoiceOver reads a full description of what's happening on the screen right as it happens. I won't go into all the effects you can send, but I will focus on full-screen ones.

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The Amazon Echo Dot is a smart bluetooth Alexa-enabled speaker which allows you to listen to music, play fun games, set important reminders and alarms, and complete smart home tasks.

The speaker has its companion app, Amazon Alexa, for enabling skills and interacting with all your Alexa-enabled devices. The Echo Dot is a suitable choice for you or your family if you want something small on the outside, but big on the inside, and for a cheap price between $50-100USD.

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Hi all
I am here to proudly bring you instructions on how to set up text message forwarding under iOS 8.1 and later.
First, you must have an iPhone 4s or later running at least iOS 8.1. Second, you must have any iPad or iPod Touch, also running at least iOS 8.1. If you plan to enable your mac for text message forwarding, it must be running OS X Yosemite or later.
Now that's out the way let's get started.
1. On your iPhone, go to settings, double tap messages then double tap text message forwarding.

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First, let me thank everyone who kindly answered my questions in the forums here about how to do this efficiently. Now that I've mastered the skill, I felt I should summarize it in this guide.

Sharing the information you get in a text message is easy, but not always ovvious. And to do it rapidly takes practice.

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Everyone knows that Siri is Apple's virtual assistant. From getting directions to finding pictures, Siri is the best. Before Siri, virtual assistants didn't sound human like. Instead, they were robotic and slow. But now we do have human virtual assistants, and one of them is Siri, and that is why I have created this guide to teach you some tips to using her.

I will also go in detail of the Siri Settings.

Tips to Using Siri

These tips include some jokes you can ask Siri that are yes, appropriate, as well as some useful commands.

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If you have Microsoft Outlook, it can use several methods for syncing your contacts with your iPHONE; this guide doesn't cover that.

If you use iTUNES whether or not you also use Outlook, it too, has many ways to work with your contacts.

But for me, both iTUNES and Microsoft Exchange have tended to mess up my contacts as much as automate the sync process, so I have found another, and what I believe is a safer way for Windows users to keep contacts in order.

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Back in iOS 8, users couldn't text iPhones. They could only text another iPad. If they wanted to text an iPhone user that had a phone number to text, they would have to download a third-party texting app. Now that iOS 9-9.1 has rolled in, users can now do this. They no longer have to get an Apple ID from an iPhone user to text. They can now get an iPhone users phone number.

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Since the release of iOS11, one problem a lot of us are having is that the new Siri voices can cause our phone to go silent. Usually, the only way to get speech bak when this happens is to hit that trusty little home button and the lock screen button simultaneously for about eight slow seconds before the phone will be forced to restart. Or, that's how it was until the iPhone 8.

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What is 3D Touch, Anyway?

  3D Touch is arguably one of the biggest features of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus models. Before we get in to specifics about how it works with VoiceOver, I thought it would be helpful to go directly to Apple's 3D Touch webpage to get an overview of exactly what 3D Touch is:  

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Improving Battery

We love our technology when it works. But when it dies, it's very frustrating. You'll think things such as, "I literally just charged this an hour ago," or, "Why is my battery draining so fast?"

Usually, this is the result of battery aging. Your battery can only take so much before it starts getting old, and it needs to be replaced.

Other times, it can be software-related. This guide should hopefully help you get at least a bit more juice out of your battery, and hopefully keep it charged for a pretty long time.

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Since 12th August 2015, Trivia Crack game has added a new feature, the cards. They are collectable items which can allow players to get extra-bonuses in coins, lives, or gems; coins are needed to use power-ups to help answering questions or obtain a second chance after a first mistake during a turn, lives (hearts) allow to play many games simultaneously, while gems are needed to get cards.

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A few weeks ago, I found myself looking for keyboard tips for VoiceOver users online, hoping I'd find something that was perhaps different. I was getting tired with the amount of stress BSI (Braille Screen Input) was giving me, and my most vulnerable weak spot was the onscreen keyboard. I was too slow on it, couldn't type quick enough to match my laptop-typing standards, and was just over the fact that I must've been relying too much on my BrailleSense to have a backup in place when I was without it.

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Realize that this is not an official guide, just one built from my quick and short experience.
There may be other features I don't know about yet.
For instance, I know that certain non-Apple apps can also use AirDrop, but not all of them, and there may be other file types that can use it that I did not try.

Based on what I found with experimentation, here is a step-by-step guide on using AirDrop: