Zello Walkie Talkie - How Hard It Is for VoiceOver Users to Press The PTT Button

Zello Walkie Talkie is accessible with VoiceOver and all buttons are clearly labeled, but changing the setting of the PTT button might be something you want to do in case you hate double tapping and holding on the screen for so long.

Double tap the Menu button.

Double tap Settings.

Double tap Push to Talk button.

Choose an option:
* press and hold
* toggle (meaning double tap on the screen to talk and double tapping again to stop.)

Hope this tutorial helped.
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Great Guid! I just downloaded the Zello app and figured how to change the PPT button setings.

to easy.

Why not just turn off voiceover? It's easier to get the button and faster. The buton is right on the bottom of the screen, so there's not a problem for me to get the button. Btw come to my channel the edge chat.

Turning off VO is much faster

The PTT button is a big button in the middle of the screen and is pretty hard to miss. When there are a lot of people trying to chime in, the people who have VO off can hit the button much faster. Search for Blind iPhone. The channel has been going strong for almost 4 years now.


Yes good tip to other users even though I already know that.

New to Zello

I am new to Zello, I just installed it yesterday. Any recommendations for some good channels to join? My zello username is LisaMarie621

I'm not quite understanding

I'm not quite understanding the issue. Why not just use the two finger double tap to toggle talking on and off? I would think that would be the easiest way lol.

Re to Ken Downey

Never thought that worked lol! And thanks Ken Downey for the suggesttion as well! :)

haven't tried.

Haven't tried using the double tap. I've just been turning voiceover off. That's worked for me for the past year. Shout out to Brian Mcglashan



I find it far easier just to turn off voice over. I have used the double tap to talk option however, I see it as more painful than anything else.

As for good channels to join the edge chat is a lot of fun.

Shout out to kingdekka

double tap and hold

Why not just double tap and hold on the push to talk button?

Saves fiddling with turning on and off voiceover all the time.

I know for a fact that it isn't necessary with the latest version cause I tested it the other day and it works just fine.



I just find it far easier to turn off voice over.

Sometimes if there are a lot of people in a channel it is better to have voice over off meaning that you could get to the button a lot faster


When I open the Zello app one of the channels I'm subscribed to starts playing. Wheather I'm in the channel or not, it begins to play. Is there a setting that I can change to prevent this from happening? Thank you.

You need to go into the

You need to go into the channel and disconnect it. This will stop audio from the channel playing when you open the app


Well lets just put it like this. I like what my brother brian said. about doing it. But We all have our ways of using zello. But he's right you know you should come to the edge chat. But it's all a matter of opinion on how we all use the button. But turning voiceover off, may be harder than it's worth to others. but some channels are to congested for keeping it on do to the lag that voiceover has when performing an action such as grabbing a button in a congested channel. Much respect to you all though. Big up Brian.

PTT button


Like Kingdekka said everyone has their own preferences on how they use the button.

Personally I prefer to have voice over off especially in a busy channel.

Its not so bad in solo chat meaning that you have time to double-tap and hold the button.

hope to see some of you in the edge chat. Big up to kingdekka

This is a very good

This is a very good chat! I have never thought that this much people would put their opinions on here. Like one of the users said, everyone has their way of using the button. I just like toggling the button on or off, in case I'm trying to eat something and talk at the same time.

Hello Brian,

Hello Brian,
Thank you, I will disconnect the channel. I did go into the edge chat yesterday afternoon, but there was only one person in there. I will try it again.