An Alternative to Using the Feedback Assistant to Report Bugs to Apple for Participants of the Public Beta Program

Note from the AppleVis Editorial Team: the method described in this post for reporting bugs to Apple is not the one that we would typically recommend for participants in the Public Beta Program. Apple itself wants you to use the Feedback Assistant whenever possible. It is already on your device; it is simple to use; it ensures that your bug report is routed to the appropriate people in the Engineering Team; and it automatically provides them with the additional information, files and logs which will assist them in reproducing, isolating and resolving the problem that you are experiencing. So, unless there are good reasons to do otherwise, we encourage you to use Apple’s Feedback Assistant.

The following covers iOS 10 and macOS10.12, but this will apply to other public and private betas you might be doing with apple.

For all of us public beta testers submitting feedback through the feedback is all good, however there is another way to do this and it's a lot easier.

First step: create a free apple dev account

Create an apple developer account. Make sure it is the free one as you don't want to pay the $99 a year. this will ensure access to the bug report site. You can find out more at apple's developer website.

Report the pesky bugs

When you need to report a bug go to apple's bug report site and sign in. After signing in with your apple ID and password you signed up with for your free apple developer account, click new in the tool bar. Now click iOS (OS X if you are testing os 10.12) and fill out the info. This is an accessible way of submitting said reports, and you can upload screenshots and profiles and logs this way.

Submitting screenshots and movie recordings of the bugs

To upload a screenshot or movie of the bug if at all possible do the following. Note that recording a movie will not be gone over here as many systems are different.

  1. After you record your movie save it to your desktop
  2. Fill in the relevant fields in the bug report such as title, description and steps to reproduce. Also don't forget to include build numbers.
  3. In the heading labeled attachments.
  4. Next click the upload file button and find your movie. Hit enter on it and the file will begin uploading when you click submit.

That's it. I've ben a beta tester for 6 years and about 95 percent of my bugs get seen and acted on by the apple devs. You will get a response with in 2-3 days rather then wait and hope the feedback got to them.

Thanks and acknowledgments

I'd like to thank one of my fellow beta testers for reminding me of this method for submitting bug reports. You don't need to spend any money and you have an accessible platform for reporting. By the way the bug reporter in iOs from apple's bug reporter site is very very accessible via safari on iOs. I've had the chance to submit bugs when on the go and update them when I get home from work or school. I hope this guide helps someone.



The guide on this page has generously been submitted by a member of the AppleVis community. As AppleVis is a community-powered website, we make no guarantee, either express or implied, of the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this guide.


public beta page

I was told that to join the beta program you should enter this web site either from a mac or an iOS devoce.

There you can download with your apple id the iOS 10 beta to your phone, or get a code on your mac to get Mac OS Sierra.

Yes that's true. The reason I

Yes that's true. The reason I didn't include that was because some might be on other person's dev accounts or what not. But this is true. I'm actually in the process of setting up os 10.12.

You still don't need to pay for a dev account though just to submit bugs. By the way the bug tracker does not work in IE. Those that can reproduce the problem please please bug it wiht apple. The more my bugs are regressed it helps.

how to upload screensshots and other things?

This is fantastic info, but can someone explain the process of uploading screenshots and logs and such to Apple? I think it'd make me feel a bit more confident that my bug reports are actually being seen and recognized. There's no guarantee of a fix if a bug isn't re-producible, but if we give them the info they need it should help. I have both Firefox and Chrome so I should be able to work with the bug tracker ok. I hope...

I'll edit the guide. I was in

I'll edit the guide. I was in a rush when writing it as I was working on another document and didn't want to get mixed up. But yeah I'll edit this in the next few days.

Thanks for the feedback.

Please File Bugs Using Proper Channels

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team


For those in the Public Beta Program, please file bugs directly using Feedback Assistant. For those not aware, when you install the iOS 10 or macOS Sierra public betas, an app called Feedback Assistant ("Feedback" on iOS) will be installed on your device. Besides being very easy and accessible to use, using Feedback Assistant to log reports will ensure that Apple receives a majority of the diagnostic files they may need to investigate your issue. These files are included automatically when you create a bug report in Feedback Assistant, whereas you would need to upload them manually with the Apple Developer bug reporter.

Bug reporter

App Developer

From what I understand, the bug reporter should only be used with private builds with those who pay the $99/year. Otherwise, use the feedback assistant.

I'll stick to my method as I

I'll stick to my method as I have the necessary tools to upload what they need. And this for me is an easy way for me to check on and keep track of bugs especially if they are regressed. Since I have a free dev account I'll just keep doing this. I've ben doing it this way for 6 years now, plus I know some people at apple who can make sure the bugs us beta testers report get fixed. Unfortunately the pubic testers don't get this kind of access. Plus I think the builds are the same anyway.