Get access to a digital copy of your Covid-19 Vax card, on the fly

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

As time rolls on, the digital Covid-19 Vax Card is one you may need to show quickly in ore places and situations. Though it may be saved in your photo library, how do you grab it quickly without searching?
Though their are no doubt multiple ways to accomplish this, I will cover, using the Shortcuts, app, to make this happen.
You first need a photo of your Vax card. If you took it on the day you got your final dose of the vaccination, look back at your photos library and it may be easy to find using the date.
You will then need an ICloud account and the shortcuts app.
With the photo pulled up, hit the share button, and save it to the shortcuts folder within the ICloud drive in the files app.
We will use two shortcuts, one, to convert the photo to a PDF, and the second will be the shortcut which you save to your home screen for easy access, which will pull up the PDF from your ICloud drive on the fly.
The links to download these and run them will be below the setup description:
When I run:
do: Documents Get File action
Get File
iCloud Drive
Show Document Picker
This can be turned on or off. If it's off, you can type a path to the file. For this first shortcut I would leave this enabled to be able to easily choose the photo saved to the ICloud drive. Note, this choice will be made when you run the shortcut.
Documents Select Multiple: off.
Leave this off, as you only want one photo.
Documents Make PDF action
Make PDF from , File
You can swipe down on this and it should give you more information in the setup process of the shortcut.
Documents Save File action
Save , PDF
iCloud Drive
Documents Ask Where to Save
Again this is a toggle if you turn it off you can type in a path in the setup process, you want the PDF to be within the
directory of your ICloud drive.

When I run:
Documents Get File action
Get File
iCloud Drive
Show Document Picker: on.
This can be turned off. This is suggested. You will have the PDF saved in the shortcuts directory of the ICloud drive, so the path may look like
Select Multiple: off. Documents Open In... action
Leave this off of course.
Open , File Show Open In Menu: off
This will allow you to choose the app that you want the PDF to always open in. You will set this up in the setup process, vs when you run the shortcut. I may suggest opening in Files.
Next, make sure that you are allowing untrusted shortcuts in your settings app. Type shortcuts in the search of the settings app.
As you flick to the right you will come across,
Doubletap on this.
Under the, Sharing security heading, you will find,
Allow untrusted shortcuts.
Toggle this on
Now use the following links to download the above described shortcuts.
After doubletapping one of the above links from your iOS device, you will have the screen which describes the shortcut actions. Three finger swipe up and you will have the
add untrusted shortcut button.
Doubletab this, and you will land back in the shortcuts app.
Go to your app switcher again by double tapping the home button, and hit your web browser to get back to this page and do the same with the second shortcut.
Now in your shortcuts app on your phone, you can go to the my shortcuts tab on the bottom left,
and then doubletap on each shortcut to go through, the actions,
go to the top left of the screen and start swiping to the right to do this.
Turn off any dialogues as explained above for which ones, add any paths, and finish the setup process.
You can then rename the second shortcut,
Find the, run shortcut button, and double tap, does a copy of your Vax card come up from files?
If you get an error, check your steps, and paths to verify everything is looking good.
hit the share button, flick to the right until you find,
add to home screen,
double tap.
You will verify the name, and don't worry about the Icon in less you want a spisific picture for it.
After the add to home screen is finalised,
Whenever you hit this shortcut, your PDF vax card copy should appear quickly on your phone.


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