Saving photos from text messages

Hey guys, I have a question. I've noticed in the new iOS update, I can't save pictures when people text them to me like I used to. When I click on the picture, voice over completely stops working. It acts like nothing is on the screen, and I can't even go back to the main messages screen. It used to be when I clicked on the picture or more info, it would pop up with an alert asking if I wanted to email, tweet, facebook, or save the photos in camera role. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Is there any alternatives?


#1 I have this problem

It works eventually. Just restart voiceover a few times and open, close, open, close, open, close, open the messaging app in app swicher. Lol. Good luck!

#2 I don't see how that would work

I don't see how that would work if it won't even get out of the picture when I open messages.

#3 Don't ask me, I just know

Don't ask me, I just know that if you go into the app swicher and close messages completely, then reopen, it works eventually

#4 Excellent tip from a friend

After talking to a friend about this issue, she gave me the following useful information: First, double-tap the more info button. Second, turn VoiceOver off, and then tap the screen one time. (You can do this anywhere, as long as you tap the screen once.) Third, turn VoiceOver on and tap the upper right side of the phone near the earpiece--my friend says that it is "the top right corner." VoiceOver should indicate that you tapped the action button, which at that point should work for you. When you double tap the action button, tap once on the screen--regretably, flicking does not work. After you tap once, you should hear VoiceOver announce one of the options specific to the action screen. When one of these options is announced, simply flick left and right to move through each one.

#5 thank you

that sucks we have to go through all that to get it to work, but if it works that's great to hear. Will give it a try, thanks!

#6 Where's the more info button?

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So, are you saying hit the more info button within the text message itself, or do I double tap the attached photo first, then! find the more info button. Sorry, you're just not really being real specific on where this button is. Sorry. Not purposefully trying to be rude, and I genuinely hope no offense is taken by my question.

#7 Thanks for the awesome tip!

I followed the steps and it worked for me. So excited! I can save photos of my baby niece now! Chris, the 'more info' button I tapped was immediately after the message containing media.

#8 Glad it works

Glad you were able to get it to work :) Were you able to get out of the picture in your messages window when you were done?

#9 Yes

Yes, I was able to get back to the message, although the 2-finger scrub doesn't seem to work. you just have to find the back button and double-tap it.

#10 Thanks for the quick reply.

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OK, I thought that was where you were referring to, but just wanted to be certained. Congradulations, by the way on your new neece.

#11 More info button next to the text message

Yes, the more info button is located next to the text message. Thank you for providing that information. I'm happy to know that it's working for everyone. :)

#12 saving email attachments to photo app

Have 4 attachments of photos sent to me via email. I'd like to save them on my I phone. Gesture to activate attachments having no result. Using Iphone 6 with VO. Thx.