Need voice over help

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Hi I'm using an iphone 4 with ios 6.1 or whatever it is, and my voice over crashed. I heard notification sounds and people on heytell, but voice over won't work. I tried tripple clicking the home button but nothing happened. The phone won't connect to my computer. i tried the reset where you hold the lock button and the home button but that didn't work either. the phone is currently plugged in, but i don't know what else to try. Someone please help, i miss my phone. Thanks.



Submitted by Siobhan on Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hi. I'm sorry your Four crashed. If your phone won't connect to your computer, and you've tried the reset option I'm out of ideas unfortunately. I am ow on the Five, but that's because I didn't want to deal with how sluggish the phone kept getting, the times it would stutter and I'd have to figure out what it said. Knock on wood, so far the five is totally different. I do understand of course, that you'd rather have the four if tha'ts what works. Good luck and I'm really sorry I can't help any more then i have. I hope someone has a better solution then I.

Hi okay. sound's like voiceover volume has gone, I will give to you few steps that could help you that voiceOver back # 1 make sure that device is turn on, how? you can easy know connecting the iPhone at plug in, get charge, it will make a sound. #2 try hit the volume key up many times, it increase the volume #3 you are not sure that voiceOver is on because you said did the triple clik home, well just make sure that voiceOver is turn on. how do you know when voiceOver is turn on? make the triple clic home, then press the power luck button once. so then press the volume up or down if it pressing any key makes a sound it's mean that voiceOver is activated when doesn't make sound means that voiceOver is turn off #4 press the power luck button and if voiceOver start working that's good however do the follow turn off the iPhone press power luck and hold about 3 seconds then tap okay on the screen #5 wait about 3 minutes then turn on the iPhone #6 finally close all the apps using the app swicher I hope this helps

Hello, If you have not accidentally turned down the volume of your phone, or "muted speech;" I have another possible option you might try. This happened to me once with an I-Pod 4th generation. When I tried to connect it to the computer it would not connect, just as you have stated with your I Phone 4. You might try to research "DFU mode" in google. If you place your phone in DFU mode and then try to connect it to the computer, it should recognize it. This is what worked for me with my fourth gen I Pod touch. However, be aware; if you do this, you will need to do a complete restore of the phone once it is in DFU mode. HTH. Let us know what happens with any of these suggestions.

Submitted by TheDoctoress on Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thanks for the advice. The DFUmode thing worked. my phone is ok now.