Sendero LookAround

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all,

Has anybody tried the new Sendero app yet?

Does it offer anything that AroundMe and Whereto don't already do?

Also, has anybody in the UK tried it yet? Does it work okay over here?





Submitted by Blind I Am on Saturday, September 18, 2010

I notice that Sendero have already posted a notice on their website about issues with this first release:

If you change the Settings from the default values, say from North America maps to Europe UK, those changes will not be saved when you exit the program.

If you choose the Maps button on the LookAround main screen, you will be unable to come back into LookAround correctly. It will be necessary to delete LookAround from the app switcher before launching it anew.

There may be locations where you hear a POI label spoken but no data reported.

There may also be situations where the POIs are far away or for some other reason the swishing goes for a long time. It should time out after 2 minutes.