Best "Where Am I" type of app?

iOS & iPadOS
Can anyone recomend one of the "Where Am I " type of apps?-is there one that is most reliable, address-wise?. There are several to choose from in the App Store. The app "Where the Hell Am I" is reviewed here. I thoght I'd ask before giving it a try. Thanks!



Submitted by Matt9r on Friday, March 18, 2011

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Thanks, Ian for the recomendations. I have "Around Me", and it works fine. - I guess I'm being nitpicky and was looking for an app that primarily just had the address, but in a native big font-size. I think I need to look at some screenshots of some of these apps, too.

Submitted by Brian on Monday, September 3, 2018

There is a good IOS app called 'iD' written like that, which has a 'Where am i' button, and an 'Around Me' button, where the latter allows you to find catagories of things at a configurable distance from your position.
Thee 'Where am I' button gives you a nice location address for you, and then other addresses near by , other local businesses, in an accessible list form.
The free version is very accessible.