Best GPS app for the UK?

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I know that Navigon is generally accepted as being the most accessible of the GPS apps (at least the ones that provide full routing features), but I do find it has a tendency to take us down some strange routes (particularly in more rural areas).

I've tried Skobbler and VoxTrek, and thought they were both quite basic.

That leaves CoPilot and TomTom as full-featured navigation apps. Both are quite pricey. Has anybody tried either of these? I've seen TomTom mentioned as being accessible, albeit not as much as Navigon. Does anybody have any experience of using the UK version? If so, how well does it perform? As for CoPilot, I don't recall ever seeing a mention of its accessibility. Has anybody tried it?



Submitted by Typical Janner on Monday, August 8, 2011

I see that Garmin have just released a version of their GPS app for the UK and Ireland (App Stote link).

The US version of Garmin StreetPilot is supposedly quite accessible, so perhaps this one might be too. However, at £45 I might wait for somebody else to check <smile>

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