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Hi all,
Do you know of any accessible movie apps I can watch some of the new releases on for free? Thanks in advanced.



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Hello Kayla,

There are a few FREE such Movies apps like the:

Crackle - Movies & TV…...

However, as like those particular apps. They will tend to show older movies. I'd imagine it would be due to copyright and to ensure that certain royalty goes to those movie producers is why you can't find the new movies in particular.

I am not aware of any FREE apps that would provide NEW movies for free. However, there are PAID services like the:


They do offer more newer movies that are accessible. I believe if you have HBO, Cinemax, and such. They also have their own apps that one can watch newer movies that you are seeking for. However, you must be a subscriber to those services to watch them.