Are there any accessible “Tycoon” style games on iOS?

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I've recently found myself nostalgic towards the brief time I enjoyed playing Transport Tycoon on PC 25 years ago.

So, I was wondering if there are any accessible “tycoon” style games on iOS? Ideally it would be a full featured version, and not one of the stripped down ‘clones’ of popular games that you often see developed specifically for blind gamers.

Thanks for any suggestions ☺️



Submitted by al-Salil on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

I only know of Soccer Tycoon and I love this game.
I also played Railroad Tycoon and Transport Tycoon on PC back in the day and would love to play such games on my iPhone.
I also enjoyed Civilization.
I also like strategy type of games.
In the meantime I'm currently the owner of Liverpool in Soccer Tycoon and I'm doing pretty well as a football business tycoon.

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