Landscape orientation with some apps

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Hi all. I've been playing Fruit pot and there are two things that bug me. first off, I had a hell of a time trying to flick the home gesture as to get out of the game. I ended up restarting the phone. The second thing was, I noticed that even after getting out of the game on my older device it would stay in landscape orientation. I don't want to lock my orientation to portrait but I don't know why that app keeps doing it. Any ideas? am I the only one who dislikes that behavior? Other then that having fun.



Submitted by al-Salil on Sunday, March 14, 2021

I have two apps that are doing the same;
Soccer Boss and Soccer Tycoon.
I really enjoy both games.
Performing the home gesture when in landscape is the same as when in portrait mode.
So, I don't have any issues with it at all.
Never had any issues performing the home gesture to get out of these games.
iPhone XR with iOS 14.4.1.
Be sure that the charge port is to the left when in landscape mode.
I have my phone locked in portrait mode but when opening the mentioned apps they force landscape mode and as I said earlier all works smoothly.

Your comment told me you don't have that issue. Great. However you did not understand at all my point or frustration. So why explain it again? Because I'm Irish and stubborn so let's try this. I tried more than once to use the gesture to get out of the game. Having no other recourse, I closed and restarted the phone. When I asked if your configuration changed, because after the app was closed it was in landscape you unhelpfully told me you have your orientation locked. I dislike that option but that's neither here nor there. Would someone else, read then respond to This? Without locked orientation? I'm pretty sure my hypothesis will be proven.