Help with the maveric games

Hello. I just got all of the maveric food games and would like some hint as though hoew to get started. Some hints would be really appreciated.


#1 Podcast

There are a few podcasts that have been done on most of the games and you could take a listen. You would have to list the actual games that you got so I could try to help you.

#2 Let’s begin with cupcakes

I have decided to just start with cupcakes. I have all games that are available with iOs 11 but let’s start there. I don’t find any podcasts.

#3 There is a podcast on cupcakes

Set your filter to podcast and type in cupcakes and it should be there. I doubt it was removed. I listedned to it before I downloaded the game. But what exactly do you need help with in the game?

#4 I can do the drag and drop

I can do the drag and drop thing like to make cupcakes from schratch. What I cannot do is to choose liner and batter and for some reason I don’t know what is in the pan cups. I have no problems making the cupcakes from scratch but I find it hard to decorate and such. I managed somehow to do this but don’t know how I did that. I actually got to the eating point and brought the cupcake to the fridge. I don’t know where to begin.

#5 selecting liners

When you select a liner and you swipe left or right it will show which one is selected. when you finish baking a cake you shake the phone and you would hear a noise that the cake is out. I think its supposed to be 4 cupcakes in a pan. I'm going to look for the podcast for you and put in another comment.

#6 You were right

I was searching the games podcasts and all or most of them has been removed. I don't know why but you may have to contact someone about it. I'm so sorry that it has been removed.

#7 Pan cups

How many pancups is there supposed to be? I see four but there is an achievement that says six pan cups. I only find four of them.

#8 Nevermind

I just read your post again and found there are only supposed to be four.