What are the differences between the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus; and is it worth the upgrade?

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I am curious, What are the significant differences between an IPhone 6 and IPhone 6s+ that you have noticed? Which one would you recommend: stay with an IPhone 6 or upgrade to an IPhone 6s+?



Submitted by Raul on Thursday, April 21, 2016

An iPhone 6 or 6s has a 5 inches screen, the plus version of the 6 and 6s has a 5.7 inches screen. Also the s models have a better camera and more powerful procesors. You also have the iPhone SE, which has the iPhone 6s procesor packed in a 4 inch screen, just in case you prefer smaller devices.
Is it worth upgrading? Well that depends on your needs. Is your phone runing okay? Do you need a larger phone? Do you need more power but stay in the same size? Maybe smaller? Do you have extra money to spend?

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hi like Raul mention above
The iPhone 6 or 6S the screen size is 4.7 inches not 5 as Raul says
and the 6 Plus / 6S plus is 5.5
basically the huge differences between 6 and 6S Plus
1st screen size 4.7 vs 5.5 inches
2nd internal changes speed processor 1Gb vs 2Gb of RAM, A8 vs a9 cheap processor
3RD Camera 8 vs 12 megapicsels. huge differences when use OCR scanners.
4TH better touch ID sensor second vs 3RD generation faster recognizer.
all the rest is very similar only view changes but didn't help with accessibility only the screen size if you use Zoon magnifier.

Submitted by JeffB on Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hi the Iphone 6s+ is just a larger phone. It really depends on what you want. If you want a larger phone that feels more like a minny tablit I'd get the 6s+. The one reason I got the 6S is is that it can fit in my pocket and I am not sure that the 6S+ would. I don't know for sure though and for me It just came down to picking the smaller phone. I hope this helps.

Submitted by Justin on Thursday, April 21, 2016

I have an iPhone 6S plus. I went from a 5S to 6S plus, so huge gap in performance. The 6S plus is not much thicker than the 5s, but it's longer, thus some people might have issues with pockets. I personally don't have any issues. I have an external battery case that the 6S plus fits into and it fits into my pockets quite well. I'd personally either wait till the new iPhone comes out in september, or go ahead and get the 6S plus. Also, if size is a concern, then get the SE. I wouldn't recommend the 6 as it's a couple years old already.
Good luck with whatever you choose.

Submitted by david s on Thursday, April 21, 2016


The Plus has a larger battery and lasts slightly longer than the standard.

If you're not in a hurry, you might want to wait until September. The iPhone 7 will be announced and shipped. Worse case, if you don't like the features of the iPhone 7, the prices will drop on the Iphone 6S.

HTH and good luck.

Submitted by Raul on Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sorry about the screen size mistake, it was 4.7 and 5.5 as I was corrected.

Submitted by Nolly on Saturday, April 23, 2016

I just bought an IPhone 6s Plus, upgrading from an IPhone 5s and if you want the short answer it is no, do not upgrade. The primary reason is you are already 7 months through the year of an IPhones release, only purchased your phone a little over a year ago and Apple is anything if predictable when it comes to release dates of new IPhones.

If you want the long answer here it is. The IPhone is extremely hard to predict what will be upgraded and when. The only thing you can be almost sure of is they come out with a new designed phone on even years and a polished phone of the year before on odd years. Another thing you can be almost sure of is that the new phone will sport an upgraded processor, but it seems to be unpredictable on how much of an upgrade it will be as well.

I don't recommend upgrading an IPhone every year, but I do recommend going into the store and spending as much time as you can handling the plus sized phone, but do not rule out the non-plus phone. Try adopting a 3 times rule. Look over what you want to purchase 3 separate times and/or have at least 3 products to decide from, even if one of them is not even something you are interested in or already own.

One other thing to consider is that you are comparing the 6 to a 6s plus, even if they were from the same year, they are not the same phone regardless if they have the same processor, ram and camera. This makes it very difficult to give a straight answer on if it is worth upgrading and to compare the two for that matter.

They have different batteries, resolution, and most importantly in my opinion is that is the overall size of the devices. You should easily be able to one hand the 6s but may find it difficult or impossible to one hand the 6 plus.

The reason I did not wait for the 7 is I am not a fan of the non-S line of IPhones and did not want to wait another year and a half to upgrade to the7s.

In conclusion it really is how badly do you want to upgrade. If you absolutely want to upgrade then consider it, but if the new features are not something that greatly interests you, upgrade when there is a need. I had a need as my battery and home button needed replacing in the near future and thought it would be best to put the money towards a new phone, rather than fix up something that is nearly 3 years obsolete. I still however say it would be beneficial to wait for the 7 that will most likely come out in September, only 5 months away if you wanted to upgrade this year.

Regardless of all the things written above here are some of the major differences that were important to me. I will note that I may be incorrect on the battery of the 6, as I can't remember the exact number, but it is fairly close.
IPhone 6
14 hour battery
1.4Ghz quad core processor
1 GB ram
8mega pixel back facing camera
1.2 Mega pixel front facing camera

IPhone 6s Plus
1.85 Ghz 6 core processor
24 hour battery
2GB of ram
12 Megapixel back facing camera
5 MegaPixel front facing camera