Macbook air or iPad Air? sniff test

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I'm aware of the deep tecnical issues relating to this question. It's more my instinctive reaction I am doubting.

I use speech and will mainly be using Safari, Pages and Numbers. I can't see many real advantages of getting the laptop over the iPad with keyboard case. The iPad will have celular to, the laptop would use my iphone's WiFi.

I can't think of a single reason to go for the Macbook, other than the fact that it's new! So what does your nose tell you?

BTW, I already got a Windows Ten laptop with JAWS.




Submitted by Maldalain on Sunday, November 22, 2020

What will be working on with Pages and Numbers? I mean is it something for work or college? Is it in by any mean advanced data entries and typing lengthy documents?

Not really, I use Word, Excel, Power Point and SPSS on Windows. This is really just for taking notes, email, web and watching Tv, listening to books, Kindle and even radio.

I've answered my own question haven't I? There is no downside to the iPad, because everything I do has small file sizes and I use online storage for files anyway.

Submitted by Pepper Fox on Sunday, November 22, 2020

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Yeah, don't get a MacBook. It's way too pricey for what you want to do, and MS office for Mac is inferior to the Windows version in nearly every way.