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Calling all Blind gamers. I am working with a game production company to develop a game similar to Audio Defence. I guess I got tired of waiting around for someone else to do it. My game is called The Circus Masters Revenge. You guessed it. Instead of zombies coming at you. You will have 23 different kinds of circus performers that are trying to attack you. This game is still in the early stages of development. My first time attempting something like this so I am being very very picky. I don’t care if the blind community wants to play this game or not. I want to play it because I am a blind gamer that misses this type of game. I have to admit that when Somethin Else left iOS. I was really upset. I never even got to play the night jar. They definitely were ahead of their time as far as game play goes. Atleast on a mobile platform. Nobody since has even come close. This is where I want to succeed. Not just for all the blind gamers out there but for me. If you are interested in a game like this. Let me know in a comment. The more gamers interested in a game like this will help my game producers understand how important this game will be to us. I even got Marty from the blindfold series interested in this game. He is helping me understand the business side of this adventure. So when this game is developed and you enjoy it make sure you thank him for helping me out with the process. I will keep everyone updated on the progress right here. Thanks for your time. I will try my best not to let you down.


another possibility is that

another possibility is that the developers saw joseppi coming because he isn't a programmer and they told him he had to do these things and so ripped him off because he doesn't understand the development process, programming etc, so he may very well believe he is right and telling us the truth but is being taken advantage of by the game developers.

Glad I Posted When I Did

I'm slowly starting to become fed up with this guy. Honestly why is he making it seem like it's our fault that he had to spend $800 on some server space for seemingly no reason at all? Like some others here, I don't think I'm even going to bother purchasing this game anymore. Unless it's actually good, I'm going to stick with companies that don't play around with their customers like this. Seriously man, your behavior is rude and unprofessional. After reading some comments that were posted before mine went live, I'm just going to amend this. If Jo was given in accurate information by the Game development company, that certainly isn't his fault, however I don't know if this is the case. It seems like from what I've read, Apple told him to go through all the stuff with the email addresses. This seems really unlikely. I'm not a developer, so there may be some things I'm unclear on, however it doesn't make sense to me. Apple already has everyone's info through Apple ID, so why would they need a developer to host email addresses?

Loosing customers

I hope you understand that every time you post stuff like this you’re potentially losing customers. I don’t think you want that

if he has unsubscribed he won

if he has unsubscribed he won't be reading this anyway, but I bet he will be back to see what we are all saying about him, as he does love the attention. I just hope he hasn't been taken advantage of by his developers, as I for one don't plan to create an account just to play a game, correct me but as far as I know it won't have a multi player mode, and in fact even if it does there is apples game center to manage all that sort of thing, I think we have debunked the need to store email addresses nonsense.

Take your guises drama somewhere else please

People really need to stop bashing the developer who made this game for the blind community I myself am completely blind and I am very appreciative that he made this game for us all people do is hate and be negative I am subscribe to this blog through my email and getting emails and it not being related to the game being updated on the Apple Store is very frustrating go take your negativity somewhere else.

Not bashing

We’re not bashing. We’re only pointing out that this is not how a developer should act

A few comments

I can't believe some of the comments I finished reading a short while ago. Quite frankly, I am disgusted by what some of you have had to say and I think some people here need to stop backstabbing Joe and grow up. The game is *not* a fake. It went through 2 rounds of beta testing. I support Joe in whatever decision he makes regarding this game. Personally, if I were responsible for managing threads on this site, I would be closing this one right now and there would be no more discussion until we hear either one way or the other about this game's release. Now, as for the apple store removal, I have never heard anything so ridiculous. I'll believe it when it happens, if at all.

I've not actually heard of

I've not actually heard of this process. This much actually be new. Crafting kingdom is an accessible game thanks to a lot of us working together, so how are we to log on using an email address if maybe voice over is not on at that point? Interesting. I an is where they are coming from, and I'm willing to give that a try, however I hope it. Is not one more pw we have to remember. Lol!


So what exactly would be the reason for you closing the thread if you were able to? Other than the fact you were testing the game and are very byassed towards it? Again, the game can be perfect for all I know, but I along with probably many others didn't test it. However, for you it's okay that he can just rage and stop the game after a few very normal comments? Sorry, but if I spent so much money on something, then I would not stop so easily. There is no way I would spend over 1000 dollars and then stop after a few comments on a forum. No serious person would ever do that, and even more so after claiming that it is already submitted to Apple. Are you also going to say to the reviewers at Apple that they are so negative and that you wont develop anymore? I'm sure they will feel sorry for you. If raising valid concerns is a reason to close a thread, then you are living in a world where everything is positive and no app gets negative comments and maybe you should in fact read some app reviews. Apple's app reviewing guidelines are public and accessible to everybody, so as soon as somebody shows me the part where they say you must host emails on your own server I will gladly apologize, but that wont happen because that part does not exist.

Re: Emails and iOS 13

Just to address a previous comment: In iOS 13, there is a new sign in with Apple option, not relevant in any way to this game for one simple reason: This option is used in apps which have options like log in with Google, log in with Facebook and so on, they must now provide a sign in with Apple option which generates a random email to use connected with your Apple ID. Again, nothing to do with accessible games nor paying 800 dollars. Also, I'm not attacking him. I'm discussing things. For all I care he cam pay a million if he is able to. My problem is not that, it's the fact he posted his winy comments and unsubscribed for what exactly? Why are you not calling him out for being negative? Oh that's right, you tested the game of course.

I agree

I agree with posts 712 and 713. You shouldn‘t be closing threads because you have a personal buyas.

I have to agree with the previous postI have to agree.

Totally rediculus garbage.. I tested the game and I really like what he is doing. To address the so called comment, he unsubscribed. And I'm planning to unsubscribe as well. You guys have to grow up and learn to be grateful about other things. You wanna see someone overreact?? I'm very disappointed in all of you who are, well I can't say bashing the developer.. Oh weight, yeah I can, bashing the developer, really I just want to weight until the release date. In fact, I'm going to. I am sick, of these negative, and backstabbing comments. Look what you've done. You just made a developer unsubscribe from the forum. So why should he Finnish the game? I like the game, other people like the game and you are just ruining it for everybody else.

Ah ok.

That makes sense.

I'm not calling him out because I don't see the point in making someone feel bad. It gets me and them nowhere.

As for me testing the game, I didn't complete it and deleted it after an hour.

I neither like nor dislike this game but us commenting on this thread is now pointless as the developer unsubscribed.

It would be nice if the developer showed us the emails that apple sent to him but if he can't and the game still comes out, I'll probably end up buying it because I liked audio defense and if this game is like that, I'll like this.

Oh,, really!!

Oh, really!! You really should say something to the developer.. I do think he should of shown us the eMails but, come on guys. You have been a bit mean.

Groh up?

i’m sorry, but I think it is you who should grow up. Unsubscribing to a forum topic because people are being ’negative’ is childish.

I think it makes perfect sense.

After all, what's the point of subscribing to a topic if all you're going to hear from said topic is negativity, don't get me wrong, negative comments can be good in some situations, they can help the developer improve but the developer isn't going to respond as he's unsubscribed as far as we know.

So called negativity.

That would be perfectly acceptable, if we were actually saying negative things. In This case, it just makes you look childish.

Oh no

Oh damn, we made the developer unsubscribe, let's all cry because we lost the best developer. In all seriousness, can you show me where is bashing the developer? Even more, who is bashing the game? If you cannot understand questions, maybe you should read them once more. I hope we get the best audio game ever, but with the way he is handling the situation it is highly unlikely. Nobody said that the game sucks, because nobody got to try it except a few testers. However, if you stop developing because people do not trust you, then you do need to grow up. As a new developer, you gain trust by being proffessional, making good apps, but most importantly listening to feedback. As soon as he said that everybody who is negative can shut up, I knew something was wrong.

Bias has nothing to do with this

Bias has nothing to do with this. I did *not* beta test this game. I support Joe because this game genre appeals to me and if the game is still released, I know i am going to spend a lot of time playing, as I did with audio defence. If i knew how to email Joe directly, I would do so and let him know he has my support whatever decision he makes. I am entitled to my opinion and I don't appreciate being attacked for expressing my opinion.

And nobody will

And nobody will attack you for expressing your opinion. In fact, we all support the game. I don't understand how people don't get that our problem is not the game. If I did not care about the game, I would skip the topic. I don't support his decision of being so one sided. In fact, he is the one attacking our opinions. But of course that's fine right?

Saying English isn't his first language.

When reading the developers posts, I am able to understand him.

I'm not saying we shouldn't give our opinions on things, but saying that someone can't write English well because he gets upset or offended is negative, isn't it?

The problem is not the game.

The problem is not the game. The problem is the dev. He is the one calling us all negative for providing constructive feedback.
Unfortunately, the way the developer acts can have an influence over whether people by the game or not. Right now, I am considering not buying it when it comes out.

Thanks for the email.

I'll email him.

I do agree with those that are saying that 800 dollars is way to much and it is strange about the emails.

Someone else was saying that the app store will be taken down, I believe, I looked into this and can't find anything.

AH ok.

I understand.

Re: English

Yes, it can be considered negative, but it is the impression he leaves himself. He focuses more on negative comments instead of either addressing them, or providing some evidence to back his claims up. I mean really, give me one other developer who had to pay 800 dollars for a server? So far it seems to be really hard and nobody is able to do that, yet we are negative. How can you trust somebody and buy their product knowing that one day he could be in a bad mood and just say screw this, I'm done developing. If development is your business, then no excuse, you must be proffessional. Every developer probably gets 5 negative comments on daily bases but they don't quit their development so easily. If you are doing stuff for free, then that's a different story and you can stop whenever you want. But if you ask for money, that's more serious stuff.

It is strange

It is strange that he had to pay $800. I, like many others believe that his development team is taking advantage of him

I've emailed him.

I asked him about this and yeah it is quite strange.

I see where you're coming from.

It is strange and I've emailed him about this.

I hope he responds because as you say, $800 is very strange, although apple can be quite pricey as we all know so I'd not put it passed them but 800 dollars for server space...


Apple didn’t ask for that money. The development team did.

Oh damn.

Did I miss something?
Can you prove it?

Obviously apple

Obviously Apple didn’t tell him to do that because they have the App Store and they have the whole restore purchases thing.


well, we'll see what happens.

I do believe he did get snake

I do believe he did get snake oiled on that, so yeah someone took advantage of him big time, someone on his dev team that knew he did not know what he was doing. If what I say is true, that is indeed sad. And I hope this time, I'm wrong.

the way I see it is there are

the way I see it is there are several issues here of importance, firstly the hole email address thing and being made to pay for server space, we have been trying to convince him about this, and explaining to him how an apple ID actually works, he doesn't seem to have responded to these comments. Perhaps he took offense at the term when people such as myself said he was giving out misleading information, on reflection I think I should have used the word inaccurate, and I am fairly sure its his developers taking advantage of him and he probably believes he is telling us the truth as either he understands it from them taking advantage or misunderstanding some subtlety in communications from apple. Others are write that apple sign in has nothing to do with this game, and he has definitely added 2 and 2 and made 5 when he was spouting off about this email thing being for accessible games specifically.

regarding English not being his first language of course that doesn't make him stupid, far from it his passion and drive are obvious but he didn't react well to us trying to explain things to him. and sorry to say it but if English isn't a persons native language its very easy to be taken advantage of, and that goes for anyone not working in there native language, still you would think he would understand about apple ids from a basic user point of view. as for the game being fake nobody has actually called him out and said its a fake game, just suggested the possibility due to the ridiculous amounts of comment and hype he himself has put on this thread, and in fact I tried to give a balanced view and came down on the side the game probably wasn't fake. the way he gives updates and is so keen and eager to engage with us kind of reminds me a bit of a child really keen and eager to engage with people but not realizing the impact he can have on people. He does seem to have a huge overblown sense of his own importance that this game is going to be spectacular unlike anything we have ever scene before,but the reality iis its going to recycle concepts from basically every other audio game, e.g stereo sounds, gestures or device tilting for combat. Plus its actually going to borrow concepts from audio defence like the shop, weapons etc. He's even said he wants it to be like audio defence, so its probably going to be similar an evolution if not attempting to clone as much of it as possible. Now as to weather he's actually the developer or not I am not sure I mean he doesn't write the code, but he created the rather juvenile storyline, wrote the dialogue, presumably either designed sound himself or got people to assist. He's more like the lead author and producer that you would have on a film, and the developers are like the director actually bringing the game to life, writing the code. the way he reacts does make him seem immature, but as to weather this is his personality or the way he writes English I don't know. Of course nobody would willingly go and spend $800 for the sake of it if they didn't have to so something has gone badly wrong somewhere that's all we can be sure of.

Will there be a update now

Does anyone know if this game will be Posted regarding when is released on the App Store I’m just asking because the developer Himself unsubscribed to his own blog how will we know when it is out? I’m hoping this game is still going to be released this all sounds super silly to me now

He did?

hopefully we get an update but he's the only one to decide if we do or not.

No he isn’t

He’s not the only one that can give us an update. We’ve still got igna. I’m sure he will tell us when it comes out.


I don't know who that is but ok,, that sounds good.

respect is very important

I respect all the great developers who is developer some great thing to us.
it is difficult. but, it is amazing.
it is nearly here.
just a few more days to go...


Honestly, I hope that CMR is released soon. I hope you don’t give up on it just because of a few negative comments. I agree that people need to be a little more grateful around here since the blind community doesn’t have that many accessible entertainment apps. I really hope to see you continue with CMR because I think it sounds fantastic.

I've actually heard his voice

I've actually heard his voice. English is his first language all right. He did an interview and he sounds like he is from some part of England. I'd know that accent anywhere.

You can forget leaving the

You can forget leaving the comments as he did indeed unsubscribe. 'm frankly not surprised as when I used to lead and run things I would get pissed off if someone even breathed wrong and did not do things my way at all and I would fire them on the spot and tell them they could not tell me what to do. I'm still like that after a fashion but. a lot less so. This was back in 2012.

Ok, what the heck.

I don't really now what I should believe anymore. Definitly sounds like someone got ripped off by their development team because they noticed that there's a guy with much excitement, but no sorts of expertise, so basically an easy target. I mean come on, 800 dollars for email address storage? Be serious. Also the whole E-Mail address procedure seams very unlikely for me unless he does it like the choice of games and let's the player create save files on a dedicated server so you don't need to rely on apple, that's the only possible solution I could think off.

And, my distinct feeling grows that we won't see that game coming anytime soon.

to respond to speaking

to respond to speaking English, his accent doesn't mean anything, I mean look at the amount of English tv and podcast culture we have available on the internet, it might be he has picked up a lot of his English from this culture including his accent, but his writing might not be as fluent as a native English speaker. also a name like joseppi suggests Italian or Spanish to me. he also said this email thing he had to spend money on server space for was in case we wanted to install his game on a second device without having to buy it again, he didn't say anything about game saves so what he said above are the sort of functions our apple ids handle by remembering what we have bought and being linked to our devices we own. developers do have to pay a fee to apple each year to remain as developers I believe but I am sure apple handles all the record keeping of who bought what and when.

It's 99 dollars for apple to

It's 99 dollars for apple to do all of that, not 800. So yeah he did get snake oiled, or how ever that expression goes.

His writing was actually very good, like a native english speaker so I believe he is kind of telling a wee bit of a falsehood about that as well. Either that or he practiced very very very much.

But back to the topic at hand, I do believe he got ripped off as that ruling does not make sense. I wish we could see the emails and not believe his wording unless he says so. Somethingn just does not smell right, in fact, I smell a rat.

I think we will have to agree

I think we will have to agree to disagree about his written English, as for example he refers to me as mr alex when addressing me, rather than as alex, or mr wallis which is the usual convention in written English, plus he is very verbose a lot of the time in the way he phrases what he has to say, however I don't want to start an argument so we can all have our own views, if I really felt strongly about this I would go through his earlier posts and find examples, as I have also noticed grammar mistakes and other things that just tell me he isn't a native English writer, though yes he can be understood, but as all of you know there is a difference between being understood and really being able to appreciate subtleties in language and communication.

You wanted proof

App Developer

The new guidelines are in section 3.1.1 Business payments and in app purchase. It may say optional but, Apple is making it mandatory for us. I’m not really sure why. As far as my English goes. Do I have to provide my United States birth certificate to you guys? You guys are too funny. I blame my bad spelling on Siri. The reason I use titles is to show respect. That is how I was raised by my family. When CMR is on the App Store. It still will be posted here. Have a good weekend. I hope that wasn’t too whiny or crybaby for everyone. Ha ha