New Difficulty With Reading Kindle Books In Braille: Scrolling Too Far

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Greetings. Since upgrading my iPhone XS and my 7th Gen iPad to the latest iOS 14.4, an annoying problem surfaces whenever I attempt to read a Kindle book using a refreshable Braille display on either device:

While panning line by line down a page of text, when it's time to switch pages, I am taken clear to the bottom of the next page. As a result, I must then backtrack line by line clear to the top of the new page, trying to infer what the text should say on Line #1 of that new page. If I backtrack too far, then I will have a repeat experience: Going forward through the book will cause me to shoot suddenly from the last line of a page (Page #99, let's say) clear to the bottom of the next page (Page #100).

Prior to this past weekend, I never had this problem. While reading with a Braille display, one page would naturally merge seamlessly into the next one, as the last line of the first page would be followed by the first line of the subsequent page.

I've encountered this problem with two different iDevices and two different Braille displays. I experience this with an Orbit Reader 20 synced to my iPhone XS, and I've experienced it with a 4th Generation ElBraille synced with my 7th Gen iPad.

Is there a corrective measure I can take with this? The Kindle iOS app does not indicate an update. So is there a way I can reset something either in the Kindle app or in a Braille display's settings to fix this? It really puts the drudgery into electronic Braille reading and removes a lot of the joy and concentration I had come to feel when things were working.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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Submitted by Scott Davert on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Kayne. Sadly, the scrolling backward is the only way to offset this. There is no solution that I know of, it's also happening in Apple Books. Guess who won't be using that app until it's fixed? Anywayy, this issue has been added to our bug tracker. I would recommend contacting Apple Accessibility about this. The more people that do, the more likely we'll get a fix. I would file it as an issue with Apple Books, since it's happening there also and they will be more likely to fix it. I certainly will not be purchasing any Apple books until after this issue has been resolved.

Submitted by Bingo Little on Thursday, February 18, 2021

I haven't yet as haven't had a moment this past week but would be curious to know if it works. sure, it means that at the bottom of every page you have to press space with dots 1-3-5 to go forwad a page and I know Scott has said elsewhere that this pretty much destroys the reading experience but I'm not sure I agree. We managed like that before and it's surely got to be better than the back and forth described in this post as a temporary measure? I love reading my newspapers in braille over a coffee so I really hope this does work.

Submitted by GuideDogMom84 on Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Me too! I am still having this problem, I am new to braille displays and I just started reading my first Kindle book in braille and once I reach the end of the page, if it goes to the next page it jumps too far ahead. And because I’m new to this it’s especially hard for me to find my place if I even ever find it. I was going to go buy a copy of the book from Apple books but from the sounds of it Apple Books is doing the same thing? Does anyone have any updates on this matter or know where I can find any more information? Today is May 4, 2021.