apple tv+

Hey all!
Figured I'd share an update on apple's Tv+. They made a statement today at the Audio disscription conference saying they'll make Tv+ accessible for:

Found this out on Fb. from the American Council of the blind. If you want to read the article, it's on Cord Cutter News.
Just figured I'd share that, since I know that was a question that was talked about on podcasts & blog posts on here.


After reading this, together

After reading this, together with Apple's own press release, I have decided to consider cancelling Netflix. While it is a great service, with some titles being made available with audio description, I can no longer justify the price, especially if Apple Tv+ is only going to be $4.99/month, £4.99/month here in the Uk, and that also includes family sharing. This is nothing personal against Netflix whatsoever, be assured of that. Happy watching on Apple Tv+ launch day and beyond!