answering IPhone with a switch while voiceover is running

Hi all.

I am currently working with a voiceover user who has very limited use of her hands. She is able to use the home button and she can use Siri to perform most tasks but she can't answer the phone. I have been able to get switches working without voiceover, but it seems you can't use voiceover at the same time as switches which is a real limitation.

I know you can use headphones and then answer the phone using a switch on the headphone, but wondered if it is possible just to wire up a switch to that headphone socket? We have tried getting her to double tap with 2 fingers and also to find the answer button but she just can't do either reliably. any suggestions for using a switch to answer the phone with voiceover would be much appreciated.




not a switch, but...

There are certain bluetooth headsets (like the jabra extreme 2) that have something where you can say a word to answer the call. for example, when i get a call I just say "answer" and it answers.


This suggestion does not answer your question, but....

My Plantronics M55 earpiece allows me to answer the phone by saying, "Answer." I can also "Ignore" the call. Would a hands free option like this help?

Consider Jailbreaking

Though not for everyone, if you jailbroke the device you could customize this functionality in several ways. For example, one could create virtual answer buttons and place then wherever they choose. They could install a proximity activator which would allow them to answer calls by waving over it instead of needing to touch it or they could make Siri answer calls with a voice command or automatically for certain numbers.