Seeking Feedback on Voice Guidance Bluetooth Headsets

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Hi all,

I’m looking for some personal insight on my dilemma. I want a headset for work and travel that has voice guidance. According to my research Plantronics and Jabra are the only 2 who manufacture them. Are there others? Bone conduction headsets would be great, but I don’t want them right now because I’m waiting for newer models from Aftershokz, checking out other players like AudioBone and Panasonic for something more interesting, and basically assuming that others would also enter the bone conduction field.
I describe my usage scenario, requirements and considered headsets below.

- Scenario
I want to where them for a long period of time, so comfort is important. This I feel may come from behind-the-ear design? The most important point: I don’t want to cover my ears completely. I really want to protect my hearing as much as I can.
For example, currently, I where Apple earbuds by wrapping them around my ears and don’t make a tight fit. I also like to shift away my on-the-ear headsets and increase the volume.
- Requirements
1. Comfortable for long hours
2. Optional cord for when the battery runs out
3. A2DP of course and AVRCP if possible
4. Ability to shift them around so that the sound is not directly pumped into my ears

- Headsets Considered
Jabra: Move, Stealth, Rox, and Sport Plus
Plantronics: Voyager Legend, and other models belonging to the same series

Appreciate feedback on these or any other Bluetooth headsets with voice guidance




do you have any experience with those?
I just added 2 additional requirements. Discrete because it shouldn't look out of place in corporate environment. Adjustable because I have a small head.