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Hello, Google has recently discontinued google sync for free gmail users, meaning that I can no longer get push gmail notifications on my iPhone. Does anyone know of a good, accessible sollution to get around this? Thanks! Mike



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hi right here you have the possible solution just click the link below and follow the instruction Sent by Marco Serrano from my iPhone

Submitted by Danielle on Saturday, February 2, 2013

To the person who posted the link, unfortunately that's just the way of setting up a sync account. You are no longer able to do this. I was on to Apple today for over an hour and they have no answer to this question. They didn't even know that the sync service had been disabled by Microsoft. It would appear that if you already have a sync account set up, and you need to restore from ICloud backup, you can still do this. However, in my case, because I was trying to set up my IPad, it asked me to put in my account details as it wouldn't transfer my settings, and it couldn't recognise that I was already using a sync account. It just says incorect password, of all things. Extremely irritating!

hi, the only real way you could do this now, perhaps, if it still works, is the GMail app on the app store. this pushes email, with its own protocalls i'd imagine. so try that perhaps. however, in terms of having GMail pushed to your normal mail app, from here on in, the answer is likely, you can't. period.

Submitted by Mike Fulton on Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Thanks for your responses. I've heard that the gmail app is now somewhat accessible, so I'll have to give it a shot.