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Hi again,
as I said in some post, I'm translator som I have to write with my Mac, and with Textedit in different languages, but I hae some problems with it.
First at all, and the most importnat: I don't know what I did, and how I did, but when I write and read, VoiceOver tells me in eahc word "bad written" although it was not true, because he detected a different language. As you know, in this sitaution is very difficult to read anything, so, please, how could I turn off this adverntee?, I tried to go to ortography, but I didn't get it.
ON the other hand, there is a simply or not very difficvult way to change languge when I need it?, It would be one of the tings that, in my opinion it would be great that Apple improves in news Mac Catalina, if it would be eassy as happens with the Iphone, it owuld be really great.
Many thanks in advance:



Submitted by slj on Friday, June 14, 2019

You are actually talking about a lot of different things here, so let me try to categorise it a bit to make things easier:
1. Voiceover announce wrong spelling:
This is because your spell checker is set to the wrong language. However, if you don't care about the spell checker, or if you simply don't want Voiceover to announce that, you can change the setting in the VOiceover settings.
In the VOiceover settings, go to Rules, then choose the Text tab. Here, you can turn off the announcement when VOiceover reads a misspelled word. You can also set it to play a sound, which I personally prefer.

2. Changing the language:
Do you mean: Changing the text in the operating system and the programs you are using? Or do you mean changing the language of the reading voice in VOiceover?
If you mean changing the language of the voice in VOiceover, you can easily do that.
Hold down ctrl, option, command and shift, and then find language by using the left or right arrow keys, and then switch the language by using the up or down arrows.
If you need to change the keyboard, for example if the English keyboard is very different from other keyboards you are using when writing text in other languages, you can enable a keyboard switcher in the status menu in the keyboard settings.