I have recently noticed a problem with the Netflix application. I will select either movies or tv programs and then select audio discription. There are quite a few selections that have no audio description even though I've selected that catagory. Is any one else seeing this happen? I thought I'd better check before contacting Netflix. Thanks everyone.Zw


Have noticed this as well.

Hi Jason. You’re not the only person who has noticed this issue. I have noticed it for the last two or three Netflix updates.

Is it possible ...

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… that for whatever reason the audio description and subtitles get turned off? I am not in a place right now where I can check it, but is it possible that somehow the options get turned off?

I have stopped the video as

I have stopped the video as soon as I noticed that there was now discription. I would go to audeo options and look for the video discription. All I saw was English Origional or other languages.

Netflix Crisis Overtted...

It just takes a little patience these days LoL... As it turns out if the Audio Description is turned on for a specific user profile then it will be automatically selected for every movie under that profile unless it is not available. In that case Netflix will just stream the movie or show in your default language if possible and if not it will just play the media's default language.
Now, going into the Audio and Subtitles section you'll notice that there is a button at the beginning of each section, one for CC and one for Audio. Since English Described Audio is already selected when you navigate to the button labeled Audio wait for a minute. The screen reader will actually announce the English Described Audio after it says Button, Audio or whatever that part says.

For the record, here's a link to all things audio described on Netflix:

I've just saved it to my desktop and my IDevices and jump into it from there then pick what I want to watch.