What is everyone's favourite scanning app?

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what is every ones favourite scanning app they like to use to scan products?



Submitted by The Tiki Lab on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I absolutely love Flow by Amazon for buying anything! I was playing around with it and found a replacement for my TV Remote, I found better options for some of my non-perishable foods and the list just keeps on going!
As of lately I've been using the heck out of Seeing AI. It's literally the best thing Microsoft has ever done! The free app can read short text, like an envelope to know who sent what to whom. It can scan and read a whole document too, it will even tell you how to position the phone to get the best results. It can be programmed to recognize faces, so you could ID someone and surprise the heck out of them!!!! That part is my favorite at parties LOL...
It can recognize U.S. currency amongst some others, I'm in the U.S. so that's all I've used it for.
It can ID colors and tell me if I'm waring my red shirt or not - I'd never want to be an accidental red shirt if you know what I mean...
Any ways Seeing AI out performs all of the other scanning apps I've ever used!!! I'm comparing this to KNFB, Tap Tap See and the rest of the options out there.
Now on a desktop I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of DocuScan Plus by Serotek. It works on PC or Mac and it scans, OCR's and delivers text perfectly and in super quik times. You can even batch scan a pile of papers if you have a feeder. The best, best part is that with DocuScan Plus you can save all of your scanned docs to the cloud and have them immediately available on your mobile device and any other device you have DSP installed on. Unlike the amazing Seeing AI DSP is NOT a free app but there are a ton of payment options and subscription levels for it to fit nearly any budget.

Submitted by Applerocks on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I really love seeing ai it is a great app I use it to recognize photos my photo libary

Submitted by CuriousNetEntity on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Voice Dream Scanner is my new favorite scanning ap. Seeing AI does well with short text and I use it for that all the time, but Voice Dream Scanner is way better than Seeing AI or KNFB Reader for getting larger chunks of text. Sometimes I need directions or more than a few incoherent words from a product's packaging to know what it is and what to do with it. I do use Seeing AI for UPC bar codes as well. If I don't get the info I want from them, though. I've used Seeing AI to figure out where a barcode was located and then used a free partially accessible app called QR code reader by Mixerbox to scan the barcode in order to copy it. Seeing AI doesn't let you see or copy the barcode it has found, but QR Code reader does. That way you can do a web search for info on that product, or you can go to https://www.directionsforme.org and paste the barcode into the edit to search for info like cooking directions. There is no single ap that does it all best.

Submitted by Matt on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I agree with some of the other posts. I use the Seeing AI app to read barcodes, identify my photo library, and sometimes for the color detection. However, I also love the recently released voice dream scanner app. It scans documents way better than the document scanning feature of seeing AI. There is also an app which has been recently released called Cash Reader bill identifier. There is a six dollar per year subscription, along with several other various plans. This app can identify many various currencies, far more than seeing a I can. It also works without an Internet connection, and can identify bills that may be folded or wrinkled. As another poster said, there is no app that does everything extremely well, but having a combination of apps on your phone allows you to accomplish many various tasks.

Submitted by Ekaj on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Although I haven't used Seeing AI that extensively yet, it has quickly become my favorite iOS app for scanning things. It's the only OCR app on my iPhone so I guess it'd better be my favorite, lol! But aside from the multiple functions within, the app is very accessible and I like the design. Plus it's free, which I honestly still find rather surprising. The video player used on their website though is a bit odd with VoiceOver and Chromevox. I published an entry on my website all about this app. I've also taken a look at Directions for Me, but never really used it. It'd be interesting though to do so and compare these two.

Submitted by Matt on Thursday, May 23, 2019

I believe directions for me is a website that gives you directions on how to prepare various food products. i have seen something about a bar code scanner on there website, but I think it's one that has to be connected to a pc. I could be wrong about this though.