Remember a 2012-14 Calendar Enrichment app?

iOS and iPadOS

Greetings all,

Any of you recall an app that was out around 2012-2014 that imported your calendar and searched the attendees against publicly available social media data (twitter, Linkedin, etc) so you would be able to see a dynamic summary of the attendees including topics/history that you could discuss. (Example: you both worked at a certain place, one of the people just sent this tweet, etc)

It worked really well and I think it got purchased by someone then shut down.

I want to say the app name started with an "R" - Recall? Recurve?

Anyone remember?




Submitted by gregg on Saturday, April 20, 2019

I think it was Recalls, Jan 17, 2013. It is no longer available. I still have Recur which is a list telling how much time has passed since an event.

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