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Hello, all
A while ago there was a discussion about 2 type of accessible vacuum that had app that was accessible. The neato BotVac connected D5, and roomba 980. I am looking to purchase a vacuum in June for my birthday and was wandering if both still work well and the app is still accessible. Also if someone has another recommendation will be good. I saw that samsung has one that has camera that helps navigate and also cleans the kitchenfloor. I hope someone respond and help.



Submitted by Joe on Sunday, April 14, 2019

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I use Neato but honestly it also works with Alexa so mainly I just use Alexa to tell it do stuff. For example if it gets stuck on something rather than open the app and find it I just ask alexa to ask neato where it is. The app is managible and works.

Submitted by Aaron on Monday, April 15, 2019


I have a Roomba 980 and the app works well with VoiceOver. The device can also be controlled using my Amazon Echo so in practice I tend to control it mostly from there. When I first got the Roomba the app had some significant issues, such as unlabeled buttons and buttons where you couldn't tell when something was toggled, but over time the accessibility of the app has improved. The only part of the app I still can't use is the part where you setup the scheduling, since it seems to use inaccessible sliders to set the time you want Roomba to run. I had sighted assistance with that, but otherwise it's good to go. You shouldn't have any trouble going into the app to change settings, start/pause/stop a cleaning job, check device status, etc. The device is pretty easy to service to, I recently purchased a maintenance kit with 3 filters, 2 side brushes, and a new set of rollers; and once I put them in it was like a whole new machine. I chose the 980 over the other Roomba models since it's the one they rate for use with pets.

Submitted by Falco on Monday, April 15, 2019


I use the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. The app is not so accessible. I hope they will fix it. I want to use it with my Google Home but I can connect my Xiaomi account but the vacuum cleaner is not visible in the Google Home app.

So at the moment I don't recommend a Xiaomi cleaner.