camera detection broken in latest seeing AI update

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Did anyone else update to the latest version of seeing AI and found it broke the camera? I was reading the app reviews and did find that someone else was having issues with it as well. The camera is taking forever to detect anything. When I'm in the product mode in previous versions I had no problem getting the audible beep when getting close to the barcode, in fact I found it pretty quickly, while it would tell me sometimes it couldn't recognize the barcode and I had to scan again, this time it isn't even finding it. I even turned my light on in my room because that has helped in the past and it's still having a hard time to detect anything. When I'm in short text it's even having a hard time picking up the text. I think someone forgot to test this update before it was rolled out to the public and I wish I wouldn't of updated. I guess it's time to use either aira or be my eyes while going through my freezer to find something to eat until another update rolls out hopefully fixing this issue. This is disappointing as I really like this app and I hope that it this app does not take a downhill turn as tap tap see did.
I know it's not my camera because my camera works fine in other apps.



Submitted by Pyro2790 on Monday, March 25, 2019

I can confirm it is incredibly difficult to use Seeing AI with the latest update. It is very hard to get anything with Short Text or the bar code scan. It is possible to do, but takes an incredible amount of time. I wouldn't say it is completely broken, but has a very difficult time with OCR. I hope to see an update to the app soon that fixes some of these issues.

Submitted by Adrian Wyka on Thursday, March 28, 2019

Unfortunately, but I have the same problems.
Since the last update, the camera has been very coarse.
The first recognition of a short text or products is good, while each subsequent one lasts a long time.