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So, while playing Sixth Sense, I went to purchase all weapons for .99 sence, but it keeps giving me an error in the purchase process. Does anyone else have this issue?



Submitted by Deng on Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I had no problems with it. But to be honest, don't buy it. The game gets borring after a while. Especially because there will not be Anything else to unlock anymore. I found that out the hard way, by purchasing the all weapons unlock pack. It's just my opinion though.

Submitted by Clare Page on Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Hi! I didn't have any problems with the in-app purchase of all the weapons, it went fine for me. I personally disagree with the advice the previous commenter made not to buy them: true, there may not be anything else to unlock after all the weapons have been added, but, for me, the fun of this game is trying to increase my personal best, kill more zombies and get more points; But we can't all like the same things, so I respect the opinion of those who don't like this game for whatever reason.

Submitted by Tj on Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'd actually think someone who killed 200 zombies with the colt was better than someone who killed like 250 with the shotgun. Consequently, I think those that are buying all the powerful weapons are spoiling themselves, and not actually improving as much. Those that don't purchase have more of a drive and better knowledge of when to use what weapon and how to keep dying from those close call situations that you others don't see too many of until they're a real challenge.

Submitted by Lulu Hartgen on Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In reply to by Tj

Purchasing the weapons in this game made it for me. Before that I was getting killed after a very short time with tedious regularity. For me, knowing I now have the hardware to do the job is a great thing. I can now focus on improving my aim which, believe me, is chalenge enough! If I had not bought the weapons package I would have soon given up on this game as I was getting frustrated with it. Every player is different I know, but personally it isn't a question of not having the drive. If you keep banging your head against a brick wall despite your very best efforts there comes a time when you go do something easier. I have not had any issues with weapons purchase, I'm really sorry you're having this problem, Joe, I hope you soon can get it sorted and I'm sorry not to have been able to help with that.

Thanks all for your comments. I got it to work. Strangely, I had to reboot my phone, and it worked just fine. Though I can see lojic in all comments, my personal contribution is that I only got so far myself, but never had enough gold to by more powerful weapons. Plus, I wanted to support the developer. In any case, all is well. Thanks once again. O yeah, now that hard task is waiting until I get off work. Grins

Submitted by Victor Tsaran on Monday, January 28, 2013

I think this game is executed pretty well. Kudos to the developer! I would love to see a bit more description into how this game works, e.g. what are all those breathing sounds (sometimes different ones), what does the music mean (if anything) and what does each weapon give you as a player. Is there any web site at all?

Hi, I'd just like to thank everyone who posted on here and on the app directory and said not to buy all weppons! I think I would have done it straight away otherwise, just because I could and to support the developer. But it's just much more fun without it! I'm currently saving gold to buy myself a shutgun - be ware zombies! About the previous question, I agree that further documentation would be nice, but actually within the game you can get a description of all the weppons, like how effective they are and their range. You also have the possibility to try them out. Does anyone know if they deduct points when you shoot the human girl? Because I do that a lot! I guess I just tend to shoot everything that moves which kind of makes me glad this is just a game! And a great game at that!

Submitted by ming on Monday, January 28, 2013

hi I thinjk it is agood game. even I can not finish it. the last 2 level is quite difficult. anyone ahve a chance to finish the game? and how does it like?