some accessible apps i've found for australians.

iOS and iPadOS
HI. so far i have found pocket weather au which gives weather wornings and alerts for australia. there is also the free bigpond app if you're with telstra, there is also sbs world news australia which is a news app and look to be pretty accessible. and for australian radio stations check out australia radio for 99 cents. hoping to get a good list of apps that are good for australians to get local content. enjoy.



Submitted by Garth on Friday, September 2, 2011

I also use the pocket weather app. I particularly like the notifications and having the current temp on the badge icon. Another good app for aussies is the ABC iView app. It lets you watch catch up TB for the ABC.There are a few problems with navigating the shows but if you add the shows to the watch list this helps a lot. Both the white and yellow pages apps from sensus seem accessible as well.

Submitted by Maria on Friday, September 2, 2011

HI. thanks for those apps. I'll be checking those out. I am also using and loving the woolworths app. there could be a few accessibility improvement when removing items from your shopping list, but all in all it's a good app. Let's me knoe what the specials are and everything.