New app to look up Bible verses Update

iOS & iPadOS

I have rewritten an app called Spoken Verse where you speak a bible verse address and the app will lookup that verse in one of three versions of the Bible and speak it back to you. You can also say the book, the word "Chapter" and the chapter number to have the app read the entire chapter back to you. It is currently being beta tested and I would like to open the testing up to any who would like to test it.

The app has been updated in an attempt to make it work better with Voice Over. Please try it out and tell me your experience. You need Version 1.3. It should be available in a day or so. Wait to download until it's available. Thank you for testing.



Submitted by nmpettus on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I reprogrammed the app to filter/search for just the bible address. This should improve usage with VoiceOver. If you have tried it please give me your comments as to how it might be improved. Thanks for testing.