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Hi All,

Does anyone know how to select noncontiguous  songs in iTunes? I know in windows it was hold the control button while using the up and down arrow keys and then the space bar on the ones you want to select. I can't figure it out on my Macbook.

I also can't figure out how to select contiguous songs either.

Any help would be appreciated.

Michael Tisdale



Submitted by Sam Troia on Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hi, Michael and all, Selecting contiguous songs in iTunes is easy. Hold down your shift key and keep pressing down arrow for the ones you want to select. Unfortunately, while doing this VoiceOver doesn't read the selections as you arrow down. You can have VO read your selections by pressing vo-f6. Prior to iTunes 11 VO would read the information while arrowing down to select or up to deselect. Now VO is completely silent while performing this task. I've even tried turning cursor tracking off but it didn't make any difference. Also, once the files were selected, you used to be able to enter the context menu with vo-shift-m, arrow down to add to playlist, hit right arrow to enter that menu, arrow down to the desired list and press enter whereupon the task would be accomplished. Well, guess what! That no longer works either. As for whatever method can be used to select noncontiguous files in iTunes 11 with a keyboard, I have yet to discover a solution. Again, prior to iTunes 11 you would press and hold down fn-vo-command-space and thereby select or deselect noncontiguous songs, that being a toggle. Well, again, the good news is, he says sarcastically, this don't work no more neither (bad grammar reflecting my current mood). This means that so far I have not figured out a way to select/deselect noncontiguous files. If my statement about selecting noncontiguous files is wrong due to some lack of knowledge on my part, I do appologize. However, if there is no easy way of accomplishing this task as there used to be, then I very forcibly submit that iTunes is positively the worst atrocity released by Apple, not only for the reasons stated above, but now I find myself navigating to and fro and hither and yon throughout iTunes 11 just to do simple things. I know others will most likely vehemently disagree at this point but for me iTunes has now become a true nightmare and I can only hope that Apple will come to its senses and fix this app in a meaningful way some time very soon. I have a huge music library and iTunes is what I mainly use my computer for. thus, iTunes 11 has made dealing with my music a very sad and angering endeavor.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the info.

I agree with you on your thoughts of the newest version of iTunes. It really has set back accessibility to the program. I also have a hard time doing the things that were so easy in previous versions. It compares to Window's going to the ribbon menus and eliminating the tool bar.

I absolutely loved the previous version of iTunes, now it pretty well sucks!

Michael T.