Using the VIP mailbox with Mountain Lion

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Hi all. I've seen a podcast where someone showed how to use the VIP mailbox with the iPhone, but what about anything related to the mail app on mountain lion? If anyone can point me to anything I'd appreciate it.



Submitted by David Woodbridge on Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hi, ok, firstly have a look at the following link to find out overall how to use the VIP function in Mail in Mountain Lion: Secondly, when the article talks about hovering your mouse over the persons email address to access the VIP function, to do this with VoiceOver these are the steps I use: 1. If you are interacting with the Message table list, do VO+J to jump to the contents of the message. 2. Now stop interacting with the message content area with VO+Shift+UpArrow. 3. Do VO+LeftArrow, and you will land on the Message header group. 4. Interact with the Message header group with VO+Shift+DownArrow. 5. Bring up the context menu with VO+Shift+M, VO+DownArrow to you hear "add to VIP" and press VO+Space to add this person to your VIP folder. As the article says, the first time you do this, Mail will crate the VIP mailbox in your Mail box list. Each person will then have their own mail box in this main VIP box. to expand the VIP mailbox, when you are on it in the Mailbox list, do VO+\ (BackSlash) to expand this folder and you'll be able to then Vo+DownArrow to the VIP mailbox's. Hope this helps. DAvid