A significant change to facebook or not?

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Hi All,
I updated FB yesterday and ever since then the ability to read text in photos seems to have changed. Before if a photo had text you would select the post then the photo and 3 finger single tap to have it read out. This was hit and miss. However, since this update certain posts now read the post then says photo may contain text that says. It then reads the text automatically. Interestingly it seems to always read thee whole of the text whereas before you may only hear part of it. It doesn't do this with all photos with text though. So I'm confused. Are there suddenly different photo types with text in them or is this an update that isn't fully working. Anyone else seen this or have thoughts?



Submitted by Dawn on Saturday, October 20, 2018

I'm not seeing it. What version are you running of Fb.? Maybe it's because I haven't gotten the update pused out.

From what you've said, this could also mean Apple fixed the bug that broke their image disscription in Ios. 12. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on the updates and see if I get 1. Also, if this is an update, was there a setting to turn on? If so, where'd you find it? I'll post back here with results on my end. I agree though, that is fantastic no matter if it's a new Fb. feature, or if Apple squashed the image disscriptions bug!

Submitted by Lee on Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hi Dawn,
The version of FB I have now is 194.0. As previously stated this doesn't work with all posts. More interestingly is that it only ever works if the photo is solely text. If for example a photo contains text plus say people I have never come across it going on to read the text. I would say this seems to read the text on about 3 out of every 10 posts I come across that are relevant. Problem with this is of course you have to get these posts to compare etc. Ye'h let me know if you see this it took me by surprise. I did not have to change any settings it just started to do it.

Submitted by Laura Tosetto on Saturday, October 20, 2018

I noticed this too when I updated Facebook yesterday, and it took me by surprise too. I have tested it with a few photos and I can confirm that it seems to work only with photos that contain only text. I think this is a pity because I would like to know what the text in the other photos is, especially now that the three-finger tap no longer works.

Submitted by Dawn on Sunday, October 21, 2018

I wonder if it's something being tested. You know how Facebook does this kind of thing. I'll have to see what I can do, and if I have this version or not.