Upgrading from IOS 12 beta 13 to IOS 12 stable release

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Hello everybody
I were a beta tester of IOS 12 for the last two or three weeks. On my iPhone under settings, under general and under software update I received the message: "IOS 12.0. Your software is up to date." I did not though received a message to upgrade to the stable version of IOS 12. Somehow I misunderstood some of the information in the IOS beta guide. Do I have to now connect my iPhone to my computer and within iTunes restore it back to IOS 11 and upgrade to IOS 12 from there? Is this correct? I uninroled my device already from the beta program.



Submitted by charles on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The highest version of the beta I got, before the gold master, was 10. But, fear not!! The gold master is the public release. We got it before others did.

Submitted by BlackCat on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Hello Charles
Your reply: Much much appreciated