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I'm having trouble with my Ring doorbell app working with VoiceOver on my iPhone 6S (running latest version of iOS). Can someone give me step by step directions on what I should be doing when I hear the doorbell alert on my phone? I keep my phone unlocked most of the day. I have the "lock orientation" switched on so I am in portrait mode. I hear the doorbell alert on my phone and receive a notification at the top of my screen. If I understand it correctly, I need to open the Ring app and flick to the right until I hear "Talk" and then double tap on that button. his isn't working for me. When I flick right, I end up flicking through the Ring app list of items on their app page. What am I missing? Or is the Ring app no longer working for blind users? Called Ring support but they said it was a VoiceOver issue.



Submitted by Paul on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Any issues you have are more than likely the fault of Ring’s developers, not Voice Over.

Assuming the app is working correctly and brings up the live view after double tapping the notification, it may be easier to locate the “accept” button manually (I think it’s near the lower right).