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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased Scrivener and figured it would help me with both my creative writing and putting college papers together. From what I've seen, the app is packed with some pretty awesome features, and that can get a bit daunting at times. I'd love to get to know the ins and outs of this app a bit better.

I started with the tutorial, and while I seemed to grasp its basic concepts, putting them to use with my own projects threw me for a loop. I ended up getting lost, not knowing where I should be putting things. Also, since I'm an English major, I figured out this would assist me with writing papers. If I could get some help with scrivener, as well as your opinion on something, this would be greatly appreciated.

First off, for those who have used scrivener to write papers, how accurate are the settings, for example, for an MLA formatted essay? Is there a spot where I type my information, such as name, date, professor's name and course title? Also, is there a way I can set up correct page numbering setup, or does the template do that for you? One of my professors has nothing but horrible things to say about how Microsoft handles MLA formatted papers, so I try to adjust the settings as best as I can and roll with it. I figured since Scrivener seems to be extremely devoted to accurately writing and presenting text, I'd give that a try for my next essay, which is due in a few weeks. Also, I have a stats paper due next month, and while I probably will just stick to Word to write that paper, do you think this program could also help with that, based on your experiences?

Also, I need some assistance with walking through the Scrivener app whenever someone has time. You can email me at to discuss ways of contact. I'm open to FaceTime, Skype, or any other method of voice chat. I haven't had my Mac for a full year yet, so all this stuff is exciting, but a bit overwhelming at times.

I appreciate the help and thank anyone who is able to help in advance.



Submitted by Lily M on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hi Melissa,

Did you ever find answers to these questions?
I tried the trial last year, but didn't explore the app as much as I'd planned to. I am also an English major, and have been thinking about purchasing the Scrivener license, but I also remember getting bogged down in all of the (awesome-sounding) features. But all of the posts I've found on here are a few years old. So I was hoping to find something a little more recent.

Do you think it (the purchase) was worth it?


While I am still quite overwhelmed and need some help figuring things out, I’m not regretting the purchase one bit. For the organization and writing features alone, this app is brilliant, but it will just take time for me to figure things out. I was able to successfully do a character sketch card for one of the characters in a screen play that I want to put together, and it seemed like it worked. My hope is that I’ll have everything down pat before I start classes at the university in the fall.

If you find anything, let me know. It would be great to network with a fellow English major. Awesome sauce!
Take care.

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