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Can anyone tell me if an HP wireless printer can be setup and used with VoiceOver. Would any sighted assistance be needed to get the printer connected to the network. All information regarding the subject would be welcome.



Mostly I want to know how to get the printer connected to the network. The printers I find commonly for sale now do not come with a USB cable. I assume a sighted person would have to read the screen on the printer to get it connected. Is this correct. also I would like to know if the installation CD that comes with the printer can be used with VoiceOver. This would make all the features of the all in one printers usable. Mostly I will be using the printer with a Macbook,, but an App for the IPad would also be useful. Thanks for the reply. Information about setting up, and using printers is scarce here. Would like to see more.

Submitted by cool cat on Thursday, April 19, 2018

I got it set up about 5 years ago. Yes, I'm pretty sure a sighted person had to look at the screen to set it up, atleast at one point anyway. I can't even remember if it had a cd setup or not. I only been using apple products for about a year now. So I don't know if 'twas VoiceOver compatible or not. And the app I was talking about was for Iphone..

Submitted by steve t on Friday, April 20, 2018

Hi guys. I have an all-in-one. it can be set up completely independently by a blind person. it works by you initially logging on to the printer through your wifi settings and then your device hands off wifi credentials to your printer enabling it to be part of your wifi network. The app works surprisingly well and virtually everything you would want to do is doable including status changes etc indicated on the printer screen being shown on the app. I have even printed my own postcards integrating one of our photos with the single problem of the photos themselves not being independently slectable using voiceover. Another way of hooking the printer up to your network assuming you have a pc is to go through the process after connecting it via cable to your computer then using the very accessible downloadable software that comes with the printer.

Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Friday, April 20, 2018

Hi, I do believe that if you are setting a new printer up or one that has never gone on your network, you typically have to connect it to your network using the printer's screen, so unless your printer has an on-board screen reader, then you will most likely need to have sighted assistance to connect it.

As for installing the CD, I would suggest you visit your printer manufacturer's website and make sure to download the most recent drivers and software for your Mac. I know when I purchased my first Mac last summer and tried to have both my wireless printer and Mac speak to each other, I simply went on the printer manufacturer's website, downloaded the latest drivers, and set it up on my Mac. Being a newbie with Macs, it did take me a little while but now I got it working fine and purring like a kitten. HTH!

Submitted by J.P. on Saturday, September 8, 2018

I have an HP printer, the Envy 5055. I have no problem using on my own.
I had a hard time with initial setup, but was also setting up a new router at same time. That wasn’t the fault of HP.
You can do setup from fully accessible app. I had one storm which knocked off network. After setting up, save IP address. Much faster to setup that way. However, unplugged a few times and always auto connected.

Submitted by walkseasy on Monday, September 10, 2018

I did get an HP All in One wireless printer last April, and concur that setup is easy without sighted assistance. I used a document scanning device to read the paper quick start guide that came with the printer. The one, two, three setup as described in the guide was easy. The setup seems to hang up at the ink subscription screen, but doing a command tab at this point reveals another screen allowing you to skip the ink subscription, and continue the installation. I am even able to change ink cartridges since they are designed to fit only in their proper slots. I am quite happy with the HP Printer on my Macbook with VoiceOver.