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Before switching from PC to Mac, I used to share files between my PC and PacMate via USB ports. I plugged my PacMate into my Mac mini the other day and I did not find anything on the screen that indicated to me they could communicate with each other. I subsequently concluded this must be due to the fact that PacMate uses a Windows based OS. Am I correct in this conclusion and is there a way to get these two devices to share files? Thanks much.



Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I'm not aware of anything that would let you share files directly over USB. However, you have a few options.

If you store your files on a compact flash card, buy a USB compact flash card reader, then just insert the card into it and Plug it into your Mac. Windows CE uses FAT32 for the filesystem on Compact Flash, and Mac OS can read and write FAT32 perfectly. So when you connect the card reader to the Mac you will be able to copy files back and forth.

If you have a Network card for your PAC Mate, you can share your files that way. It's been many years since I used one, but you might be able to find a Pocket PC app to run an FTP server on the Pac Mate, then connect to it with Finder on the Mac (just use the connect dialog which you can get with Command-K). You can also go the other way around, get an FTP server on the Mac, and an app to browse it on the Pac Mate. I recommend Total Commander which is free, accessible with JAWS and still available here

Your final option is to just install Windows on the Mac, IE in a Virtual Machine. If you do this I'd recommend going with Windows XP which uses Microsoft Active Sync. Newer Windows versions use the WIndows mobile device center which is not as easy to use.

Submitted by David A on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hey, thanks for this most helpful reply! I do have a compact flash card in the pacMate and getting a reader for it sounds like the most simple approach for moving files between the PM and Mac. I do not have need to do this often, but nice to have this option. Thanks again for this info!

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